Sunday, May 24, 2009

From the Locker Room

May 23, 2009
Pizza Hut Park – Frisco, Texas


On the game:
“We didn’t take advantage of our opportunities, didn’t finish off the plays to get three points. It’s really that simple, it’s not a hard game to analyze.”

On making three offensive-minded substitutions:
“We had a mental lapse and they get a goal off a corner to their credit. It’s silly that we challenge the goalkeeper two or three times with one on one’s and we don’t convert. The second half I thought, we were technically slow getting the ball off our feet, creating advantages, getting shots of quicker shots, technically not a good performance.”

On needing to move the ball quicker:
“I think we just have to play a little quicker and be more efficient with our passing. Our young players at times, look like young players on the ball. For every split second that you hold onto the ball, it gives the defending a split second to regroup and get into position.”


On his goal:
“It was a good ball by Mike Magee to get behind them and Eddie did a great job putting the ball in front of the net, and I am trying everything I can to get in front the ball.”

On the result of game:
“We are disappointed in the result. We are not disappointed necessarily in how we played but I think technically if we were a little better, we win the game, so that was a little frustrating.”


Thoughts on the game:
“There was a lot of pressure early in the 3-5-2. I keep referring to the poor man’s blanket, every time you’re thinking you’re getting somewhere, you’re giving something else, and I thought we gave up a lot in the flanks early. We switched into a 4-4-2 and probably 30 seconds later Marcelo gets his red card. But, on a positive side we got a point at home when we played against a team a man down for 65 minutes. I thought our defense, in particular Ray (Burse), was outstanding today.”

On Marcelo’s red card:
“I didn’t see it. From what I was told the ball went out of bounds and maybe Marcelo put a head in somebody’s face. That’s the rule and it’s a tough way for us to battle back.”

On the performances from the three substitutions:
“I thought all three of our subs were good subs today. (Alvaro) Sanchez settled things down and worked hard on both sides of the ball. He was sending some balls in and brought some energy. For us to be down a man it was really hard for Andre (Rocha) and Dave (van den Bergh) to do the work that they needed to do, as LA was sending a lot of players forward. (Alvaro) and Eric (Avila) did a good job when they were on the field. (Avila) did a great job getting down to the baseline and unfortunately did not hit the ball hard enough across, and I thought Anthony Wallace had a really good game. It’s not easy covering the flanks with Donovan and Klein coming through.”

On the defensive performance after allowing the early goal:
“The goal came from overplaying (Eddie) Lewis on the flank, and with a three-back system, you’re always exposed wide and in that area around the penalty box and it seemed like we slowed down when we went to the back four. I think they feel good about themselves and as a team we feel good about ourselves to be able to withstand that pressure.”


Thoughts on the game:
“I think the first half, it was a similar thing to last week, where allowing not too much space and they countered that by playing high and wide, and scored an early goal. I think it was a soft goal that we gave up and we have to stop that. The bottom line is that it’s too much, but at the same time we scored a goal of our own and got ourselves back in it and made a game of it.”

On the team’s performance after playing a man down:
“It makes it tough, we can’t get red cards that early and we lost our composure. But we kept fighting in the second half and I think we would like to start like that as opposed to playing on our heels and if we need to make changes three minutes into the game then we need to make those changes. They did a good job of coming at us for the first 20-30 minutes but in the second half we were a different team again this week.”

On scoring a goal in his 100th FCD game as starter:
“It’s always nice to start games and it shows some of my versatility in being able to play in the middle back and outside back. In my first year I played midfield. It’s always nice to score a goal but I would like to have 200-300 starts to finish my career, so I’ll just keep going.”


charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the post-game quotes. I knwo that the coaches are disappointed with the technical showing and lack of finishing. Sure, they can be disappointed; but, what actions, deeds, rules, and accountabilities must they transfer and stick to the players of this team to make the players understand why their playing is NOT cutting it? That's the real question. I'm sorry, a head coach can only cover for the players' "lapses" and "lack of finishing and execution" so much... if professional players are given the many, many opportunities to improve in practice, scrimmage, drill sessions and then given chacnes again to come and play in actual matches... then, what more are the coaches waiting for??? Plain & Simple - this sport like most other professional sports are results-driven! And, quite frankly, there are a group of players that are NOT getting in the results. The players need to be feeling the burn and the "hot-seat" all the time within the season - no exceptions! Yes, we TIED and not lost. Okay - but, this club/organization is seriously running out of "wiggle-room" as the season continues. It has to address the bare outcomes and facts! We absolutely need players who are really hungry and strong and battling to latch onto the ball and score! For that to happen, the attacking players need to be able to keep the ball at their feet, pass timely and fast, and other players must be in position to support.

Anonymous said...

I asked before the season started and I asked earlier into the season and I ask again:

WHERE IS THE QUALITY? This team can't shoot, can't pass, can't cross, can't create, can't move with purpose and is doomed to fail again. May be divine intervention is needed. I say promote the team pastor to a coaching position.

Mark Villa sec. 132 said...

CJ27, I couldn't agree more.
I know you all remember the home game against Houston last year; Becks sent one in from the corner, Landon made a great run through space, dove for and headed the ball into the net. Then, he got up, bent down over the player that had tried to mark him and starting talking smack.
That is what is missing from this team, some passion, pride and a whole lot of swagger.
Honestly, it's too bad there isn't a relegation zone in MLS, maybe if the boys had something to fear, they might play like it means something.
Oh yeah, don't drink and blog. Take it from me.

footballlvr said...

Charles, I keep reading your posts. They are just words. How can you even expect this from MLS? If you go to the 4 Seasons you expect top class food. If you go to McDonalds you expect junk. If you watch MLS expect mediocrity. No disrespect to the players, they don't get paid so the top atlethes don't play. This weeks "my spot" highlighted the problem, a modest 1bedroom apartment. That sums up the MLS. What would a my spot from the the dodgers or Lakers be like? It is the MLS and its stupid organization that is the problem.

PSGifford said...

It was a very entertaining match. I grw up watching football in England and am a season ticket holder for the Galaxy.

They are getting their momentum together- three points will be theirs on saturday. Mark my words...

charlesj27 said...

I know my constant analyses, instructions, directions are just "words" in the end. And, like many, many fans of a sport - words either spoken or written by watchers and followers tend to be just that and no more... But, I do so - 1) I love this sport - absolutely and positively; 2) I have an insatiable hope adn thrive in me to want this team & club to play the level of team football and soccer that, in my gut, I know it can. Naieve / Wishful / Stupid / Mad - YES - a little of everything. I agree with your comparisons in trying to distinguish between MLS and world-premiere football/soccer. You are correct - the disparity in monies paid is starkly apparent. Then again, this is NOT a super well-endowed league nor sport in this country. It just isn't yet... So, the pay-structure and levels of how much can be spent vs afforded have to be quite moderate. I am not going to say MLS is the pinnacle of how money-starving sports organizations should be... but, I am not going to refer to it, as "stupid" either. Stubborn; Singular; Narrow-banded... YES, YES, YES. Football and the sport thrives in the poorest of nations - but, we've managed to nationally televise it, digitize it for on-line viewing, and get amateur-to-semi-pro organizations involved in it with the league only being nearly 15 years. That is good. But, it's still got much, much ways to go yet... this is why David Beckham and his promotional heavy-weight power & machinery cannot survive in MLS now... it just costs too much - and, becomes such a huge drain on the owning club + the league.
I need some of your "spiked" drinks that you're drinking, mate - three points on Saturday... I shall dream a little dream! Thanks.

ds said...

I would like to see more of what the Galaxy players had to say and less of what players on the other team have to say. Although I do appreciate the posts it just seems like more posts of how the players feel they played come from the other team. I watch the Galaxy not the other team!

Mark Villa, I remember that goal I was 2 rows up on the sideline when he did was one of the most amazing goals I have ever seen and there is none of that this year! :( No passion or fire from LD.