Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Mystery Man

One Galaxy player jokingly tried to hide from our cameras today so as to not reveal his identity.

Sorry Gregg, it didn't work.

Though, good effort to throw everyone off the track by wearing a pair of boots that have the #5, your old number from 1860 Munich, on them.

All jokes aside the team continued to prepare for Saturday's game against Kansas City running through a lengthy training session this afternoon that featured everybody except for Sean Franklin who is expected to return to the locker room tomorrow for the first time since his surgery.
After playing some small-sided 7v7 games that always get the guys going, the coaches opened things up to the full field to work on tactics, form, shape and all of the essential ingredients that go into a win and three points.
After training a bunch of the guys chatted with former National Team teammate (or in Tony's case, his captain at D.C. United) John Harkes who is in town with ESPN to broadcast tonight's Chicago-Chivas USA game. During the session, Harkes mentioned how impressed that he is with the speed and intensity of the training sessions over the last two days, saying that it reminded him of his days under Bruce in the early days of MLS.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the update on training and the pics, also. I hope Bruce, Dave, Cobi, and Landon focused very much on correcting mistakes, playing the ball faster, on the floor, and accuracy in timing and passing. I hope the guys are getting much more confident in themselves and more fluid with each other. I hope all of the midfielders and forwards are continuing to communicate and play and run in scrimmages with one another to have the tendencies and timing down. And, of course, being able to hold onto the ball and actually shoot on target with emphases on finishing. I don't know what to expect from our team once Landon has to go to USMNT duty. I just really, really hope Bruce & Dave have contigency plans. Because right now - we really need to be strong, challenging, and very decisive and repetitive in attack!

Anonymous said...

so is Franklin on the (season ending) injury/disabled list ?

why hasn't Birchalls move been made official ?

how about a Roster status update on rookies and the guys which take part in training ?