Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video, Video and More Video

Take a look as we meet Leo Bautista...

Look ahead to the Pan-Pacific Championship...

and the PHX Soccer Clasico.

Also, head over to where Chris Klein answers questions straight from you, the fans.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the matches to begin, so we can look at the "state of the G's", the new players and dynamics.

Hope the PPC stays in LA (with Galaxy participating every year)

Anonymous said...

Guys, thanks for these great videos. Appreciate it a lot! I really hope Leo makes it onto our roster and is able to bring that defensive agility & quickness we desperately need. I hope he is happy to be here and play for LA Galaxy. I want to thank Bruce for spending the time to address his goals and intentions for the LA Galaxy and his contributions to the structure and style of the team. As the previous commentor stated - cannot wait to see the LA Galaxy play again. Good competition and strong competitors are always necessary to measure the strengths and weaknesses of any team. Toughness, Smartness, Agility, Dedication, and Determination... all essential ingredients and characteristics of a great club & team. Here's to hoping that LA Galaxy gets back to those ways!

Anonymous said...

Leo-translation please, why do we have to ask everytime?

Anonymous said...

We didnt even get the last thing from him translated! Come on!

Anonymous said...

Also where is the list with the new players kit numbers?

Anonymous said...

Why dont you guys do some of that ask the players questions from the fans thing? You could do one player a week, that would be cool!

Anonymous said...

Here's a quick translation of Leo's video until 0:44. The rest is rough:

Hi my name is Leo Bautista. I'm from Venezuela. I play central defense. I prefer the left. I'm 25 years old.

The clubs that I played for in my country were (something...?), Estrella Roja and Caracas FC, which was my last club last year.

It's a good opportunity to be here. To do the season with a team so famous and media-centered in the United States.

I hope to give all that's possible to stay here and share this season and to fight for a championship with the Galaxy.

It seems normal and it's how I worked in Caracas.

(...I couldn't understand some of the next part. He talks about how he trained in Venezuela and how he hopes to acclimate with the new team?)

(something.. the American is equal. It's fast..)

Each country has its own football culture.

(...something about adjusting to the league..)