Saturday, January 24, 2009

Edson and Ely Talk About Week One

The first week of preseason is officially in the books with everybody getting through the week injury free and looking forward to the coming weeks as we approach the season opener.

Before we get to what Edson and Ely had to say, there were two faces in the locker room today who Galaxy fans know and will get to know as the season goes on. First, Sean Franklin was back in to meet with the training staff following his surgery in Germany earlier this week. He will begin his rehab under the watchful eyes of the trainers starting next week.

Additionally, Omar Gonzalez arrived today after completing some school work back in Maryland this week. He will train with the team for the first time on Monday, leaving Donovan Ricketts as the only player who is yet to arrive in camp, though he will be in next week.

After today's session, we caught up with Ely Allen to talk about his second preseason with the Galaxy and what camp has been like so far. We also chatted with Edson to see how it has been getting back out on the field for the first time since the end of the 2008 campaign and how he feels at the end of Week One.




Anonymous said...

please post the time and place of open-to-public practices.

Anonymous said...

I wish all of the guys lots of luck and fortitude. It is now the second week of pre-season. Expectations and Outcomes are more intensified. Each week the expectation and level of plays have to be raised and improved. This is the only way to get to the smartness, agility, and fitness required for professional soccer. It is and must be a stern, mental & physical competition that yields the best 24 at the end of pre-season.
Forget about all these supposed, "poke-in-the-dark" trade rumors and such for these big-time/big-name players. These rumors only serve to distract from what has to be... must be the coaches' goals - to be certain & sure to capture, keep, settle, and grow the best 24 for the season ahead. That means physcial, mental, and individual toughness, smartness, dedication, determination, and cooperation. Bruce, Dave, and Cobi's concern should always be about the entire team consisting of 24 players - not one or two star players and their "overshadowing" of a team. Don't let history and bad choices repeat itself!!!