Sunday, January 18, 2009

Camp Opens on Monday

The offseason is over and it's time to get back to business.

The LA Galaxy will open their 2009 preseason camp on Monday, January 19 at The Home Depot Center. All contracted players and trialists will begin reporting for two days of testing starting on January 19 before heading out onto the field for the first time on Wednesday, January 21.

Unlike past seasons, the Galaxy are scheduled to remain in Southern California for the entirety of the preseason, with all training sessions to be held at The Home Depot Center. In addition to the Pan-Pacific Championship, which will see the Galaxy host three of Asia's top club teams from February 18-21, the club will also be announcing a series of friendlies as they continue to prepare for the start of the 2009 MLS season.

The Galaxy kick-off the season in 62 days on Sunday, March 22, when they host D.C. United at 12 p.m. at The Home Depot Center in a game that will be broadcast nationally on Telefutura. The club is currently offering a Kickoff Pack that includes 4 tickets, 2 Galaxy scarves for as low as $56. Find out about other packages at the LA Galaxy ticket section.


Anonymous said...

please post a full team roster including the trialists!

some lineups from the practise would also be cool.

with preseason around, the long wait is almost over... can't wait for the friendlies to start.

Bruce and Co did work hard to adress all the teams weaknesses.

Some "deadwood" was shipped out, brought in guys in all age categories and positions, MLS proven, internationals or rookies.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until the season begins.I ow 62 days might seem like a long time. But, in terms of how much fitness, hard work, practice, drills, and scrimmages that are necessary to get done before-hand.It's really not that long at all! I would right off... shave off a 1/3 (or 20 days). These 20 days are just rest time/weekends/personal time. That leaves close to 40 days where fitness, drills, practices, videos, white-board instruction all have to take place. I only hope that Bruce, Dave, and Cobi make it absolutely firm and clear that all players are kept and held to high performing standards. All of them - regardless of age or veteran status! The players need to practice over and over again - they've got to maintain posession, passing on the floor, quick-connects, and running off and on the ball. Next, comes how to stretch, then compress the playing field. After that shots on goal & finishing. Only competitive pressure and team + group interaction can bring about the quick decisions, play-making, and collective movement forward and back on field.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION: Can we please know who the all are the trialists that Bruce, Dave, and Cobi have invited to Pre-Season Training Camp? Once, they pass through physicals and check-up, it should be okay to let us know. If our club were interested in certain players, LA Galaxy should have already filed the discovery claims on these trailists with the league. Please update us.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the other comments. Please give us a FULL camp roster. Some video would be nice as well.

Anonymous said...

Is that Abel Xavier at the very left of the picture?

Anonymous said...

Hi. It would be awesome if you guys post some videos on the preseason trainings and workouts. Kinda like does. Keep fans interested and it will pay dividends.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please sit Mr. Buddle down and show him a replay of the Man United Chelsea match from Jan 11th. I think it would be great fro him to see how real forwards play the entire game. If 2008 FIFA player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo and ManU staple Wayne Rooney, can be seen DEFENDING just outside the 18 yard box, then surely, Mr. Buddle can be persuaded to at least fake the effort of running back past the halfway line. Just a thought.