Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Omar González

Our crack video staff has put together a couple of videos to help you get to know the Galaxy's latest acquisition, Generation adidas defender Omar González.

Check them out.

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Anonymous said...

Alright Omar... there is a young man you are going to be working with on the back line. His name is Sean Franklin. He took his rookie knocks well and took the time to listen to and learn from a veteran by the name of Abel Xavier. While Abel reached is sell by date, he still had tons of experience and taught Sean a lot.

Sean knows what it takes to be a top flight rookie in this league. Come in with the attitude of "I have some raw skill, but I need to LEARN how to play at the pro level." Climb into Sean's back pocket and make him your mentor.

There is also another veteran on the team by the name of Chris Klein. I also expect you to listen to Chris and learn from his experience as an MLS journeyman.

We the fans have HUGE expectations for you. Keep up your work rate, be the first guy in for workouts and last guy to leave. As a fan base we in LA can be fickle, but if you show us that your are in for our Galaxy with all of your heart, we will make room in our heart for you.

Good luck this season, it would be awesome to have the Rookie of the Year honor reside in LA two years in a row. Make that a goal for yourself.

Have a great rookie season, and good luck.