Thursday, January 15, 2009

LIVE DRAFT UPDATE: Trade with Chivas USA completed

As part of a trade earlier in the draft today, LA Galaxy sent defender Ante Jazic to Chivas USA. The Galaxy also sent a third round pick (35th overall), which Chivas used to pick University of Denver forward Klye Christensen, and a fourth round pick (49th overall).

The Galaxy received the fourth pick in the second round (19th overall) and selected University of Maryland defender A.J. Delagarza.

Galaxy are scheduled to make their final selection shortly.


Anonymous said...

I hope Ante will have solid performances and playing time under Preki and Chivas. Sorry, Ante - Chivas is our mortal enemy... I won't be able to root for you. It's a situation of gooing over to the dark side. Hope you do well... Be ready to work your tail off; Preki does not care for soft, lazy players!

Anonymous said...

Wait, why is Kyle Christensen (the 35th draft pick chosen by Chivas) showing up on our LA Galaxy roster at MLSnet??? Is it a mistake? Or did another trade happen just soon afterwards?