Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Schedule is Here

The 2009 MLS Schedule is now available.

Click here to see the Galaxy's schedule

or here to see the entire MLS schedule.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why most of the games aren't televised this year? Are television ch still to be added?

charlesj27 said...

Since MLS has confirmed partners in ESPN2, FSC, and Telefutura. Those are the ones that have been listed. I believe other channels, like Galavision, Univision, FSN-PT, FSN-W, ESPNC, ESPNN... they will have to be "penned" in as it gets closer to that game and to see which time slots are available. At least, that's what I think.
You'll notice that LA Galaxy have 11 Saturday home games, 3 Sunday home games, and 1 Friday home game. So, all in all, LA Galaxy organization did a very good job in trying to make sure that its fans are most likely to make it to home games for 2009 by scheduling as best as possible on weekends.
Next, further, the LA Galaxy organization made the AWAY games to fall on 11 other Saturdays, 2 other Sundays, and 2 Wednesdays. Honestly, that is pretty good, scheduling-wise.
Now, what remains essential is to have a stronger, tougher, more experienced, more quality LA Galaxy team. Come on folks, try to put all the rumors/speculations aside and let's uniformly let the LA Galaxy organization know that we very much care and are concerned and are expecting much better quality & stronger soccer from the team in 2009. That's the message all of us need to tell our service reps and sales agents. LA Galaxy cannot be represented by one or two special players - it's the entire 24 man roster that has to want it, believe it, breathe it, adn live it!