Friday, January 16, 2009

Ricketts Called Into Jamaica National Team

When Jamaica takes on Nigeria in an international friendly in London next month, LA Galaxy goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts will be there.

Ricketts was named to Jamaica's roster for the Reggae Boys' game against the Super Eagles on Feb. 11 in Millwall's New Den Stadium today. Even though Jamaica didn't qualify for the 2010 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Finals, Ricketts posted three straight shutouts in Jamaica's last three WCQ games. The 6-foot-4, 31-year-old is one of three MLS players named to the roster by Head Coach John Barnes.

Too see the full roster, click here.


Anonymous said...

Good luck against Nigeria, Donovan. Enjoy your time in London. Make sure you come back trained, fit, and ready for our 2009 MLS Season!

Anonymous said...

I was very glad to hear that Bruce, Dave, and Cobi did not want to waste any time in checking out the new & returning squad starting next week. Glad to hear it. That's responisble, professional, and direct management of players. I believe they'll be fully checked out with physicals and such for the first 2 - 3 days... and, then, straight into fitness, warm-ups, drills, practice sessions. Way to go Bruce, Dave, and Cobi. ThePan-Pacific exhibition willcomearound very quickly.And, it's vital that the 1st & 2nd team gets fullyprepared, fit, together in thinking, play, runs, and counter-runs. They've got to get acclamated to each other's vision & abilities. And, they have to play the ball on the floor - with accurate and fast passing.