Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before We Get to Draft Day; Meet Nicole A.

Before we tell you about Nicole, we just want to remind you to keep checking this blog all day long for pre and post-draft coverage. We will be updating the blog as soon as picks are announced and also posting interviews with new Galaxy players as soon as they come off the Convention Room floor.

Back to Nicole.

A Police Service Specialist during the day, and a member of the Miss LA Galaxy court at night, Nicole has participated in a lot of fun activities with the club since being named the Miss LA Galaxy 2009 second runner-up. Emerging from The Home Depot Center tunnel Sunday night with the 2009 InterLiga trophy is near the top. With a sold out crowd of 27,000 on hand, Nicole probably got the rockstar treatment.

Nicole posed for photos with the trophy as well as led the referees and teams onto the field prior to kickoff. If you would like to meet Nicole or any of the 2009 Miss LA Galaxy ladies in person, check out the Miss LA Galaxy page as we list their upcoming appearances there. You can also find out more about her and the other ladies by reading the Miss LA Galaxy diary.

Hope you enjoyed taking the time to get to know Nicole a litte better. Thanks go out to German Alegria for the pictures.

UPDATE: We found video of an interview with Nicole following the Miss LA Galaxy competition. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

wonder how many hours she had to train "walking in highheels/stilletos on a soccer field"...

What about the Kovalenko signing...

What are Bruce & Co's ideas going into the draft - quality in general or certain positions?

Are we getting new jersey(s) ?

Anonymous said...

Well it was a very exciting and intense finals match at the HDC for the 2009 InterLiga. I hope that Nicole was able to watch both games and enjoy it. I haven't seen the InterLiga trophy up-close, but it doesn't look bad at all. Hopefully, Pachuca can actually make it into the Copa Satander. Those tournaments in South America can get very involved, intense, distracting, and even dangerous. But, I'm sure quite a few teams in Mexico would know about that. Atlas would have been my choice to head into Copa Satander.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, You look fabulous!!!What a beautiful smile you have, but then again, you weren't voted - Best Smile in High School for nothing!!You did an awsome job carrying that huge Trophy,despite the highheel shoes, you didn't wobble once!! You are a beautiful young woman with a very kind heart!

Anonymous said...

Hey OG,
You rule!! Who needs Beckham when we have you!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!