Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Player Moves, Generation adidas and A Look Back

The Galaxy made a series of roster moves today, signing midfielder Leonard Griffin, re-signing Steve Cronin and Jovan Kirovski and releasing Eduardo Dominguez. Read more about it here.

Also today, MLS officially unveiled the 2009 Generation adidas class, consisting of nine players who will be available in next week's MLS SuperDraft. The Galaxy, who currently have two Generation adidas players (Tristan Bowen and Israel Sesay), have not drafted a Generation adidas player in the SuperDraft since Nathan Sturgis (12th overall) in 2006.

Lastly, take a look back at the Galaxy's Holiday Assist Party that was held just a few days before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Finally! Finally some updates & news about the LA Galaxy players and squad changes. It seemed like ages since we had some real, soccer-related news & updates that directly pertains to LA Galaxy team & squad formation for 2009. Thanks.

Wait, how is Leonard Griffin a "Midfielder"? He normally plays as Defender, as far I have seen him. Really - Really - Steve Cronin was re-signed. Huh? Because - he has a lot more first-team experience than Josh Wicks or Josh Saunders? Eduardo came, barely played, and now has gone. I just don't understand the thinking behind how LA Galaxy brings in players. Players into the organization and the club must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are smart, fast, extremely-hard working, and always willing to be dependable, solid team-mates for each other and their coaches and trainers. Without that most essential foundation, we as a club and as a team will never begin to achieve anything! Players must show week-after-week they have the guts, the passion, the sheer will to overcome and train and improve!!! That's what Bruce, Dave, Cobi, and Paul should be looking at and demanding upon!!! MLS Season is long, brutal, and involves many different playing environments, time-zones, and questionable calls. The players on our team must be able to withstand such given pressures and factors!!! Seattle FC is already working over-time to bring in very good depth as Sigi needs his club to be. We should not be foolish, nor slow, nor timid, nor naieve! Our full intention and emphases is on securing and fighting for Play-offs + other eleigible competitions! Players on our team must be held to a rough, tough standard and always understand that their training, practice, on-field performance and quality will be graded - by management, by coaches, by fans, and by the press!!!

Anonymous said...

Griffin seems to be a "back up" player for many positons as described, however not likely a starter.

I can see the reason behind Cronin (who before becoming number 1 had some decnet performances)

Any news on Bautista, news relating the new Jerseys etc

Angel City Brigade said...

What's up guys?

Hey, this blog would be the best if we received day to day news on Galaxy training camp. Day to day analysis on Bautista's trail.

You may not have the equipment, but how about some video of the pracitce?

One more for the blog. How about taking some questions down from us, the fans, and pulling a player to the side at the end of practice and asking them our questions? So we get to know the players better.

Keep up the good work.

Sergio V.

Anonymous said...

Sergio (Angel City Brigade),
AMEN! Absolutely. May be your voice / thoughts will carry more weight. Let's hope. There is so much that the official blog could be doing more of to increase interaction, loyalty, and awareness to fervent LA Galaxy fans. Alas, most of the time - many at times, there are several days that pass by with dead silence and no info!