Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Look at Day One of the 2009 Preseason

On Monday night the players had a quick meeting in the locker room. All the guys got to meet their new teammates and coaches while getting some insight into what the next two months of preseason would be like. After the meeting it was off to Santa Monica where everyone was administered their physicals.
After getting the all clear on Monday night, the players were back at The HDC on Tuesday morning to start the physical testing in the gym with the folks from Athlete's Performance.
Julian Valentin and Ely Allen did their VO2 testing shortly after the session began around 10 a.m.
Mike Munoz, Kyle Patterson and Leonard Griffin tested some movements with the staff from API. In order to stay loose before their testing began, some of the guys jumped onto the ellipticals.While some of the guys did some stretching so as to be ready to go when they hit the fields on Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and the pics. Good to see the guys getting ready and getting slowly back into shape. I hope that the coaches were straight-forward, firm, and clearly demanding of what each of the players have to achieve. Set the mood and tone now; there's no need for wasting precious time.

Anonymous said...

now all that's missing (after some more training) friendly matches...

Can't wait for the PanPacific Championship Tournament, but that's still almost a month away.

fingers crossed for a friendly or 2 a bit earlier (of corse televised or streamed...)

thanks for the updates - that running with the airmask is quite weird. I did that once too.