Friday, February 26, 2010

Ramping it Up

After playing most guys 45 minutes in each of the first two games here in Arizona, the coaching staff will look to build the team up to their next fitness benchmark starting with tonight's game against the Wizards. It will be a 60-minutes scrimmage, played over two 30-minute halves meaning that few substitutions are expect from the coaching staff.

As a result, nine of the guys, including two of the three goalkeepers made the journey to Arizona State this morning for a short training session. After a jog and stretch, Ian took the two goalkeepers down to one end of the field for some crossing/catching drills while the rest of the guys played some 5v2 before being joined by Dave and Cobi for some 4v4 possession with Dave wearing the orange bib and serving as the extra man for the attacking side.

After 10-15 minutes of play, the group broke up again for some crossing and finishing drills before heading back to the hotel ahead of tonight's game at Reach 11.

We'll check in again from the field with the Galaxy lineup, with a complete match summary to follow.


Anonymous said...

do some features with the boys from brasil. Like to know more about them and how they are acclimating.

Anonymous said...

What time is tonight's game?