Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo Diary: Days One and Two

Even though preseason training camp opened up last week, it wasn't until yesterday that the players started doing drills with a soccer ball.

As defender Todd Dunivant said yesterday: "The first week was good. You do some running, some lifting and kind of get the legs back -- ease you're way into it. But it's great to get the ball out... and get competitive again."

How competitive were they in the first two days? Well, judge for yourself. Take a look at photos below and tell us if you think the guys are working hard to get back to the final.

Special thanks to Robert Mora for all of the above photos.


charlesj27 said...

Great pics, guys. Thanks to Robert Mora, indeed! Glad to see the players play with enjoyment, yet enthusiasm and competitiveness. Again, hoping our young/roolie players are learning and improving as much as they can. Go GALAXY!

Anonymous said...

Good shoo, keep it up. Also let us know if/when we can pop in to see a training session or two.