Monday, February 1, 2010

Brazilian Trio Arrives in Carson

The Brazilian trio of Alex (center), Juninho (right) and Leonardo (left) have arrived at The Home Depot Center and are cleared to begin training with the club. The three players, who were acquired on loan from Sao Paulo in December, officially received their visas over the weekend and flew to Los Angeles in time for today's training session.

The majority of the players will be out on the fields doing actually ball work for the first time today, but the Brazilians will all remain inside to go through the same testing that the rest of the squad went through last Monday.

Alex will wear the #15 shirt which Stefani Miglioranzi had in 2009, Juninho will wear the #19 shirt worn by Josh Tudela from 2007-09 and Leonardo will wear #22, which Tony Sanneh wore last year.

The trio remained in training with Sao Paulo throughout the month of January, so they will hopefully be joining the team in training in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

when do we get to see pictures?

Edge said...

any pictures of the 3 guys ?

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Appreciate the pic that was posted afterwards. Welcome to the LA Galaxy, Alex, Leonardo, and Juninho. I hope your time, your experience, your efforts with the LA Galaxy will all be very good. And, hopefully, you will get to teach and show to many others on this team about ball control, ball movement, and quick passing on the floor using the entire width of the pitch. We all look forward to seeing you contribute and play.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck guys, make us Galaxy fans Proud!

Anonymous said...

Jugo bonito arrives in LA. Muto obrigato.