Thursday, February 11, 2010

CBA Negotiations Update

The league office just announced that both sides have agreed to extend negotiations through Feb. 25.

Here's what the press release said:
Major League Soccer and the Major League Soccer Players Union today announced that they have agreed to continue to negotiate through February 25, as they work towards reaching a new collective bargaining agreement. Negotiations scheduled for this week were postponed due to the snow storms along the Northeast Corridor. Negotiations will continue over the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

What a joke...

charlesj27 said...

WOW! Really? MLS-HQ is really that "adamant" on playing hard-ball with the Players Union and its constituents? Really... how much of it is truly "both" sides listening to each other, understanding viewpoints, pain-points, and other physical considerations of players as they play from year to year in this league?
Personally, I think MLS-HQ and its bandwagon of suits and lawyers, are playing the usual "wait-n-bait" game with these Players Union reps and their self-esteems. History has already shown all of us this before... seen it in Athens... seen it in Alexandria... seen it in Rome... When an entity holds onto that much secrecy and power - it will inevitably corrupt.
I wish the Players Union reps and its constituents much luck and persistence. And, of course, very good, shrewd, "shark-like" lawyers! Hope this fiasco has a respectable conclusion.

Anonymous said...

at least they are talking with each other, weather permitting.

increase the:
1) salarycap
2) lowest salaries
3) rostersize

give long serving MLS players some extras.

create working partnerships to loan players with USSF Div 2 (USL/NASL)teams, since MLS doesn’t have a reserve league.