Saturday, February 27, 2010

Final Arizona Training Session is Complete

The full team, with the exception of Donovan Ricketts, who was given the day off because of an illness, made their way over to Sun Devil Stadium for their final training session here in Arizona.After a long stretch and warmup, the team was divided into two groups, with Cobi taking the nine field players who played the full 60 minutes yesterday to one end of the field and Bruce and Dave taking the other 10 guys, those who will likely feature in tomorrow's scrimmage against the Wizards, to the other end.
That group played some 4v4 possession with the pairs of Edson and Mike, Dema and Juninho and Eddie and Tristan rotating through as the neutral players. The number of touches that the guys were allowed to take alternated with each game, giving everyone plenty of touches on the ball.

It was a similar scene at the other end of the field where the group of nine played 7v2, again, with varying passing restrictions and touches allowed.Once those exercises were complete, most of the guys did a pair knockout finishing drills, where players would be eliminated if they missed the target or had their shot saves and the player with the next shot successfully converted their attempt.

Juninho, one of the youngest players in Galaxy camp, won the first game while Jovan, one of the older players in camp, won the second contest.

We'll have a few photos from the finsihing drill posted here soon.

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charlesj27 said...

Great stuff! Thanks. I'm glad the drills and scrimmages are happening regularly and close together - for re-inforcement and correction.