Friday, February 19, 2010

Answer Time

Let us start off by sincerely apologizing for making one of the questions too difficult apparently as NOBODY was able to guess that the man who will wear the #88 shirt this season is the man who was just given the #15 shirt a few weeks ago, Alex Cazumba.By the way, unlike Juninho and Leonardo, who will continue to use just one name, Alex (who was born in 1988, hence the new number) will go by Alex Cazumba this season and is expected to have both names on his jersey.

As far as the other question, we received two correct answers with both Victor of Covina and Nancy of Temecula both correctly guessing that Jovan Kirovski has lost his trademark long locks......and replaced them with a much more aerodynamic look.
And since there were just two of them who guessed correctly, we were able to corral an extra pair of tickets, meaning that they will each be receiving two tickets to the friendly against Puntarenas on March 10.

Congratulations to Victor and Nancy, enjoy the game! And thanks to everyone who entered, we hope to see you at that game and all Galaxy games this season.

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Anonymous said...

Jovan will either turn into a speedster w/o the hair or loose any remaining skills he had per Sampson's Haircut Rule.