Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday in Shanghai

We're not going to post anything about the game as most of you have not had the chance to see it, but after watching it live we're sure that you all will have some definite opinions once the final whistle blows, so come here and let's hear what you have to say.

We'll leave you with this as the scoreboard operator obviously thought that Ruud was going to try an experimental new formation.

Did we need the second goalkeeper?

Tune in to Fox Soccer Channel tonight at 8 p.m. (PT) and find out for yourself!


Anonymous said...

You WON RUIZ for 3 sweet

Erick Perez said...

Thanks for the feed back !! :) Keep it coming!

charlesj27 said...

Wait... Is it bad news or good news? Now, I'm thinking that you're probably trying to hint to us that there were some calls made by the referee, that were not good??? Please don't tell me that someone else on our team got injured? Dangett', now I'm going to be thinking about this 'til I get back home and be in suspense until 8 pm (USA-PT) rolls around.
Thanks for keeping us informed. Appreciate it.

glen said...

keep posting, fun to see whats going on with the Galaxy!

charlesj27 said...

Okay, I can start to see the communication between the LA Galaxy team improving. Good! The pitch at Shanghai stadium is "bumpy" like hell! You can see the ball bounce up & down as it rolls. Chris Klein looking much better at right back during this match. Alvaro & Brandon have got get a stronger more fluid play & communication together. Michael Gavin is trying very hard - but, his postional hold on the pitch keeps drifting, plus he get's disposessed too easily. Ely Allen, splendid, as usual. Abel looking confident, alert, and experienced. Greg Vanney just needs more play time with our LA Galaxy. Carlos Ruiz taking as much shots to net as he can - Excellent! Come on - please tell us - is Alan Gordon still not healed completely? Why does he keep getting injured? Steve Cronin looking more and more confident and attentive with each match! Again, there are improvements - but, I still say that our LA Galaxy still must play another five or six matches before MLS season starts. There's still much more work to be done! They have got to get the communication, trust, timing, and smoothness of play down!

charlesj27 said...

Wait... I've read many news reports from other sports news that David Beckham was kicked in the thigh during the second half of the Shanghai United game. But, I didn't see anything like that in the FSC taped broadcast today. Are you trying to say that it "HAD" the incident had to be left out - oherwise you guys couldn't get to air it??? I hope that David is not too badly hurt. I hope that his right leg will recover without any further issues. Once again - please, Lord... Please don't let the team suffer any bad injuries. Good job from Sean Franklin, Ely Allen, Carlos Ruiz, Brandon McDonald, Alvaro Pires, Bryan Jordan, and Josh Wicks. Continue to keep up the practices, drills, exercises, and scrimmages. You guys got to work closely together to improve on-field communication, timing, and smoothness of play! GO GALAXY!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Allen doing well again.

Ruiz was lethal.

the 1st goal (set up and goal) was brilliant.

now more Tour/Roster/Behind the scene news please :)


Anonymous said...

can you comment on the rumor the Beck's wants to leave the galaxy? lalas on the hot seat?

thanks for your info... fun to read.