Friday, March 21, 2008

Media Day Redux

We told you that we had a video from Tuesday's Media Day, and here it is.



jonelle said...

thanks for sharing-it was fun to watch! too bad alan didn't get filmed during his introduction though...would have loved to hear him say "oregon state university" (i'm an alum too!!!).

Anonymous said...

thumbs up - funny view behind the scenes :)

please tell the marketing dep that we want to be able to buy such a polo shirt that gullit wears!

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for sharing this great video! I'm glad that Ruud was able to pull off some lines in espanol to promo LA Galaxy's recent radio broadcast deals. David looking smart & 'dapper as ever! It's good to see Alan, Bryan, Greg, Mike, and Ely having some laughs and joking around. Yes, doing video promos w/ a script in front of you while saying it like an announcer - let's just say it makes for some entertaining takes! Way to go, guys. Play hard - love this game! Go GALAXY!!!