Thursday, March 27, 2008

One More Practice

Ruud and the boys will train one last time tomorrow before departing for Colorado on Friday afternoon. We caught up with a few of the guys after another spirited session as the preseason officially came to an end. Colorado is on deck and the boys are ready.

And some photos from Thursday's training session...


charlesj27 said...

Coach Ruud, Asst Coach Cobi, Fitness Coach Chris, Head Trainer Armando... Thanks! Thanks so much for pushing and demanding the best from our LA Galaxy team. It's so good to see this level of professionalism and standards. You guys are on the right track. Please teach our LA Galaxy team about the value of being FIT, being MENTALLY PREPARED, being SMART on & off the field. I hope our LA Galaxy injured players are recovering well! We LA Galaxy fans appreciate the amount of practices all of you are stressing and putting in. Play SMART and TACTICAL tomorrow. Don't over-exert... Play together as a SOLID, STRONG, COHESIVE, STRIKING UNIT. I want to wish you guys fun, fortune, and luck. Thank goodness the 2008 MLS season is finally here. Never let go of all of your focus, unity, intensity, and ability. Go GALAXY Go !!!

charlesj27 said...

LA Galaxy team - stay FOCUSED! Stay SMART & INTENSIVE. Do NOT over-exert. It is the smartness and togetherness of the complete LA Galaxy team that is going help our LA Galaxy with this season. Show strength as a team - push and move forward as a team - attack, counter-attack, cross, and maintain posession of the ball as a team. All of you guys have put in so much effort this pre-season... You guys are winners as a team.

These are the players on the Colorado Rapids squad that you guys need to mark, study, and maintain composure and posession over :
Cristian Gomez (Central Mid)
Rafael Gomez (Left/Right Mid)
Pablo Maesteroni (Right/ Def Mid)
Mehdi Ballouchy (Center/Left Def Mid)
Jose Burciaga (Left Wing-Back)
Bouna Conduol (Goal Keeper)

These very experienced guys know how to spoil, thwart, and frustrate. This is why the cohesive strength of our LA Galaxy team is paramount!

Always remember - you guys do have the will... you guys do have the drive... you guys do have the fitness... Plus, you guys - our LA Galaxy team - went up against one of Japan's and S. Korea's BEST teams. You guys do have the credibility!


Ed said...

Did Vanney shave his head?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Vanney did shave his head.

Anonymous said...

wow I could not figure out who that was, he should have left his hair.

KQ949 said...

That thar is some sexy futbol!! Kick some ass, guys!


charlesj27 said...

Some way to start of our season. It was depressing and nauseating to watch this game. Wow - we got schooled BAD! By the way, Sideline Views Blog have already posted the Post-Game Presser Audio. Check it out. I don't know Ruud and David can maintain that cool composure. I was closing my eyes and cursing at many points in this game. I'm sorry to say this guys & gals... but, we just will not be able to win any games if other MLS teams are able to frustrate our players like this. Bad calls are ALWAYS going to be there. In my mind, our LA Galaxy team seriously needs more DEPTH, VIGOR, RELENTLESSNESS, and CREATIVITY in Midfield... namely, our LA Galaxy needs these four KEY POSITIONAL PLAYERS:
Center-Attacking Midfielder
Left-Midfield Winger
Left- & Right- WingBack Defenfers
I'll probably getan earful for this... but, these are the players (in my opinion) that our LA Galaxy needs to let go off and remove from the roster:
Pete Vagenas
Alan Gordon
Edson Buddle
Steve Cronin
I'm, sorry to say this LA Galaxy fans... but, we need more skillful, in-depth, aggressive, pacy players from soccer countries like Argentina, or Brazil, or Colombia, or Ecuador. The other teams in MLS are at a different level now - a higher level than last year. David, Landon, Carlos combo is NOT going to win us the necessary amount of games as many people think. I believe that our LA Galaxy (Ruud, Cobi, Paul, LA Galaxy management) have some hard and necessary decisions to make. And, they better make it very quickly. Otherwise, it's just going to be a repeat of last year. The big gamble that Ruud was trying to take back-fired most vividly. Our LA Galaxy just does NOT have the skill, depth, training, pace, understanding to play a 4 - 3 - 3 formation. For that matter, in my mind, neither do Houston Dynamo nor DC United. There are only a few teams in the world that can effectively & correctly pull off a 4 - 3 - 3 formation for a full 90 minutes. Teams like Real Madrid or AC Milan or Werder Bremen - Bayern Munich hybrid. Our La Galaxy team - at present with minimal injuries - are BEST-SUITED for a 4 - 5 - 1 formation. If some changes don't happen soon - we are in for more losses and disappointments.