Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One-On-One w/ Cronin

As we clean out the video vault from our 2008 preseason travels, we bring you an exclusive one-on-one with goalkeeper Steve Cronin just before the last game in Hong Kong. He talks about his experience during the preseason, bonding as a team, working with Ian and the progression of the team. We can't get enough of our starting netminder...You will also catch your first glimpse of Galaxy videographer Troy Bardy, hard at work manning the camera and conducting the interview at the same time…without whom, you would not be enjoying all of the videos from our travels right here.

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charlesj27 said...

Good video of Steve. Glad to know that he and the rest of the LA Galaxy are working hard and getting in practices and drills on pitch. So, that's Troy... Good to finally see ya on film. I'm glad that most all our guys made it back to the US uninjured!

I want to wish all of the guys the very best in these last two weeks of pre-season training. Keep at it! Stay diligent with the stretching, warm-ups, drills, and, especially "SHOTS-ON-GOAL"" accuracy. Get the passing and crossing down as much as possible. Keep your concentration, intensity, and focus on doing your very best and utmost in this coming season. Go GALAXY!