Friday, March 7, 2008

Travel Day to HK

Here is a quick video documenting the team's travel day from Shanghai to Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

As always, appreciate the updates and the videos.

Ed said...

Looks like everyone got a free Macbook, not bad.

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the video showing most of our LA Galaxy guys. Boy, they look beat! This is wonderful experience for the young guys - to know and to feel "first-hand" what repetitive travel, different time-zones, different food, different climate, and constant hovering of media, photographers, and security does to everyone's bodies physically & mentally. Repetitive travel makes players lose their focus and determination. No matter how young or fit or determined a player is... repetitive travel will start to take its toll. Get plenty of rest, plenty of re-hydrating fluids, and always take time to stretch and warm-up! During the latter leg of travel is when muscle-cramps, ligament strains, and tightness will start to set-in and affect on-field play. Many LA Galaxy fans are behind you guys... wishing you fun, learning, excitement, team-cohesion, and most of all health. Safe journies!!!