Saturday, March 8, 2008


We've kicked off here at Hong Kong Stadium. A number of the sections are packed to the capacity, including nearly the entire bench side, while much of the South Stand and lower East Stand remain empty. There looks to be about 20,000 fans here in attendance, which would be the smallest crowd of the tour, but impressive given that tickets just went on sale Wednesday and only on sale at the stadium.

More to come as we continue to be amazed by the size of Hong Kong's center forward Detinho (#30).

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charlesj27 said...

Final Score: LA Galaxy = 2, Hong Kong Union = 2. Went to Penalties... LA Galaxy = 4, Hong Kong Union = 5. Hong Kong Union wins on penalties! It must be noted that Hong Kong Union had MANY MORE SEASONED, TRAINED players on their team than LA Galaxy had. The youngsters put up a strong, valiant effort. Ely Allen, Carlos Ruiz, Sean Franklin, David Beckham, Michael Gavin, and Alan Gordon - they tried to press and push forward our offense. And, for most of the game it worked... However, there were much more resistance from the Hong Kong Union defense. I know that all this travel was starting to take its toll... However, I could see definite signs of when the Hong Kong Union Defensive line-up kept beating & FRUSTRATING our LA Galaxy players. Guys - I have kept repeating... how critical... how very necessary it is to keep a FULL 100 minutes of concentration & intensity! When you guys are on the field... it's a battle... a battle of will, experience, speed, and CONTROL!!! You guys cannot allow the opposing team to frustrate you all into making cheap give-away passes. I could hear Coach Ruud pushing all of you players from the sidelines with his instructions. You guys are improving... You guys are showing signs of learning... but, every game you guys play has to be intense, serious, concentrated, and CONTROLLED!

I'm still going to keep saying this - but, our LA Galaxy ABSOLUTELY needs the following in their line-up:

Yes, Coach Ruud is teaching and molding and expecting many of our young players to fill those spots and areas... YES, this is a MUST & is NEEDED; but, still the experience, skill, placement to occupy several tough, tough matches going into 2008 MLS Season is ABSOLUTELY EVIDENT.

The Pan-Pacific Tournament & the Asia Tour were valuable & critical opprtunities for learning what it's like to play highly competitive, combative, serious, full-scale soccer! Many of our LA Galaxy guys have benefitted from these matches; but LA Galaxy management have some necessary and immediate decisions to make as to how best to fill the above positional needs before 2008 MLS Season starts.

Safe journies back!