Thursday, March 13, 2008

Live on the Web

We've just been told that Saturday's friendly against FC Dallas will be shown live via webcast on our official website. Making it better, the feed for this charity game, which will be raising money for the U.S. Fund of UNICEF, will be completely free! The game kicks off at 5:30 p.m. (PT) from Pizza Hut Park in Frisco.

This will mean that all Galaxy fans will have had the chance to see all six of the club's preseason games so far this season.

Ruud and the boys will train here at the stadium on Friday morning before heading down to Big D in the afternoon. We'll have some interesting news for you from Pizza Hut Park so be sure to keep checking us out all weekend long..


Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if you had mentioned the time of the game. And the imbedded link to "our official website" didn't work.

George said...

Thanks for the info. You're links don't seem to be working though. Maybe you need to add "http://" before the address.

Anonymous said...

fantastic news to have the game on the web for free !

I'd be very happy if ALL gamesof LA (friendly, MLS, whatsoever) would be available on the web (like MLStv) but with no restrictions outside the US since we don't have FoxSoccerChannel, ESPN and the likes (so no need for a blackouts)

I'd pay good $ for that.


Anonymous said...

What sort of interesting news? Did we resign Babayaro?

George said...

Does anyone know if Donovan will be playing in this?

Jackie said...

no they let him go and they let martino and grey go too