Friday, March 7, 2008

Galaxy Enjoy A Fish Trick

Now that everyone has had a chance to see Wednesday's 3-0 win over Shanghai Hong Kong United, here are a few highlights and interviews from the match. We even caught up with Fish at halftime and asked if his first half goal would open the floodgates in the second half. Let's just say that we were right on the money.


charlesj27 said...

Again, way to go, Carlos (El Pescadito)! Carlos broke through a good number of times - but, also, he made sure to charge the net, as David Beckham expects ALL of the forwards to do. Ely Allen, Chris Klein, Sean Franklin, David Beckham, and Alvaro Pires - all tried their best to cross the ball into the final third of the field, as much as possible. Please keep up the fitness, practices, drills, and scrimmages. Stay HEALTHY - Be alert & aware of your surroundings when on-pitch... Avoid injuries as best as you guys can! All of your pace and movement across the field are improving. LESS than a month away from the start of the MLS season - get as much practices, drills, and scrimmages in as possible!

I want to wish all of you best of luck, strength, and improvement for Sunday's game against Hong Kong United. Continue to learn, develop, and excel in this beautiful game.

Thanks for the video snippets. GO GALAXY !!!

Anonymous said...

Great job for the Galaxy! midfield looked awesome and with the addition of Ruiz in the lineup, the Galaxy looks ready to explode in 2008! One thing I think the team needs to do is work on their back line. Defense looked awful! Not they have bad defenders, but I think it's more a tactical problem that needs to be addressed. Personally I feel the defense needs to adjust to the way the defenders play and how to coordinate it amongst the defenders.

Good luck in 2008.