Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hong Kong Recap

The LA Galaxy ended their Asia Tour 2008 presented by Herbalife with a 5-4 defeat on penalties following a 2-2 draw in regulation with the South China Athletic Association Invitation Team on Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong. Here is a quick recap.

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charlesj27 said...

It's good to have all of you guys back here in LA. I know that this trip served an important purpose for our team - especially the youngsters in our team. The youngsters in our team worked hard... they tried to play as Coach Ruud wanted them to. It takes dedication, determination, physical fitness, team-cohesion, warm-ups, drills, scrimmages - but most of all intense competitive matches to make a starting team become a stronger, better-playing team. Don't forget about all of the things you guys learned from this trip. Keep the strength, speed, will, determination, and especially the intensity of competition on the pitch.

I'm not sure if you guys realize this yet, since start of 2008 MLS season is 3 weeks away... But, LA Galaxy's first official MLS Match is against Colorado Rapids. And, it's not a home game - the guys have to play at Dick's Sporting stadium (which is at higher altitude and colder climate than LA)!!! Plus, more importantly - this is NOT the same Colorado team as 2007. They've brought in various talents to strengthen their presence on-field.

In my opinion, there are several teams that LA Galaxy will have a tough time with :
A) Houston Dynamo
B) DC United
C) Kansas City Wizards
D) Colorado Rapids
E) Chivas USA

Being ready... Being practiced and fit and healthy... But, also, keeping the will, determination, and intensity within each of the LA Galaxy players when on-pitch is going to be super-critical!

Again, it's good to have our LA Galaxy back in LA! Go GALAXY!!!