Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ready for Dallas

The team got in to Dallas last night and spent a quiet night here at the hotel as we begin to get ready for tonight's match. Twenty of the 24 players that are currently signed or training with the club have made the trip down for tonight's charity match.

Alamo, Buddle and Jazic have all remained in LA because of their injuries, as has Fish who was being held back with a slight hamstring strain. The training staff is not too worried about it and have simply elected to rest him with the start of the regular season now just two weeks away!

Landon and Izzy both missed the Asia Tour but are now back with us and ready to go. Landon trained on both Thursday and Friday and said afterwards that he felt good.

We caught one more interesting note at training on Thursday, which was our first day back in following the Asia Tour...

With 20 players available for a full-field scrimmage, both Cobi and Ian jumped in to round out the sides. Ian, all 6-foot-6 of him was called upon to play left back and try as he might, the other team found a lot of joy down the right flank. On one occasion, a movement down the right led to a goal, only for it to be called back for offsides, much to the consternation of many of the players. David was the most vocal about the bad call, joking with our trainer Armando, who was serving as the linesman and came to us after working in the Angels organization for the last seven years, that there is no offsides in baseball so he must not know what he's talking about.

Let's just say that more than one guy could be seen laughing after that one...including Armando of course.

Here's the complete roster...
GK - Cronin and Wicks
D - Franklin, Gavin, Klein, Randolph, Roberts, Valentin, Vanney and Xavier
M - Allen, Beckham, McDonald, Pires, Tudela and Vagenas
F - Donovan, Gordon, Jordan and Sesay


Anonymous said...

What happened to the interesting news? This team still does not have enough technical players. How come we're not loading up on Argentinos like the rest of the league? I'm WORRIED.

Anonymous said...

hi, can't find the web link for today's game. could you please post the link so that we can watch it on the internet. thanks.