Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blackberry Blogging

The posts have been a bit sporadic so far in China but we promise to have a good explanation.

We can't see our own site.

Since entering China on Sunday night, we have been unable to view this blog or any others in the blogger family. While we can still perform some administrative functions and Youtube works (hence) the videos, it is significantly more difficult to post this way compared to traditional methods.

With that said, four quick notes to pass along...

As most of you already know, we waived Celestine, Kyle and Kelly on Monday. None of the three were picked up in today's waiver draft.

Michael Gavin and Brandon McDonald have each been offered developmental contracts. Upon talking to them on this trip, we've also discovered that they know each other from back in their younger days growing up in Arizona and are now roommates on this trip.

Gavin and Julian Valentin have been working on their running forms/styles with Chris Neville. Nev had Troy video tape each of them running so they could see the things that he was trying to correct. It will be interesting to see the way that the new work will help them as the season goes on.

Lastly, we're a bit late but Happy Birthday Landon, who turned 26 on Tuesday. His was the third birthday since we left LA, following Julian's 21st on 2/23 and Ante's on 2/27. Galaxy PR extrordinaire Sahar also celebrated a birthday on Tuesday and she's been holding down the fort since we hit the road so we would be remiss not to also mention her.


charlesj27 said...

Sorry to hear that LA Galaxy staff is having blogging/posting issues in China. I am pretty sure that internet usage is VERY MUCH monitored and regulated in Mainland China... I am not sure if you guys will face the same issues in Hong Kong... but, we do appreciate and continuously await to get updates and news. So, please keep it up.

I wish Celestine all the best in his future... I would have like to see him play more... but, if he gets opportunities that are more suited for him elsewhere... Hey it's all good!

Congratulations to Michael and Brandon in gaining contracts. Way to go guys! Awesome! We're glad and proud to have both of you with us! Play hard! Learn as much as you guys can... I'm going to hope that injuries for our LA Galaxy team will stay at a minimum this year and into the next!

It's great... SPECTACULAR to hear that Chris is working with our guys to give them proper assistance and help to improve their game on the field.

I really, really hope that Landon, Ante, and Edson are recovering well with their injuries. Please try to keep us updated as to where they are with their back-to-fitness training and conditioning. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This team is virtually unrecognizable: we've lost Gray, Martino, Cannon, Glinton, Harmse, Harden, Kirk, Albright--all for Ruiz and who knows who else. I don't even know who to root for anymore. So disappointing.