Friday, June 26, 2009

This Week Inside the Galaxy - Episode 7

The latest episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy is up and we think that you'll enjoy it.

We catch up with the injured Sean Franklin as he drops in on the team, follow along as Ian Feuer puts the goalkeepers through a typical training session and look ahead to Sunday's game against Houston.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check this space all weekend long as we lead up to the Dynamo game and we'll have a look at the other side of Donovan Ricketts.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the updated TWIG video feature. Loved the section from Ian Feuer training with our GKs. I just wish there was more video capturing the scrimmages; but, it was ncie to hear from Sean Franklin again. Please keep these series coming.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing how the guys trained! Vote Ricketts to Utah!!

Anonymous said...

Good TWIG. Get well Sean, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Troy, for another excellent TWIG!

Anonymous said...

The new feature with the goalkeeper coach is great. Keep up the good work on TWIG and good luck tonight, Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Saunders back!

Where Benitez?

We need to have him back representing CSUDH and the Southbay.

Pete, Irvine