Saturday, June 20, 2009

Galaxy-Quakes: Rivalry Renewed

The lineups are in at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum and the Galaxy are just finishing warm-ups. There are a number of changes to the starting lineup, including four players returning in Kirovski, Klein, Miglioranzi, and Patterson. It's the second meeting this season at San Jose; the teams played to a 1-1 draw in April.

Here is the full team...






Subs: Guppy, Griffin, Sanneh, Tudela, Bowen, Jordan, Gordon.

And here is how the opposition, San Jose Earthquakes, will line up...







Subs: Weber, Amarikwa, Denton, Gray, Salinas, Wondolowski.

Referee: Baldomero Toledo
Referee's Assistants: Frank Anderson; Emiliano Monje
4th Official: Yader Reyes
Weather: Clear -and- 62 degrees


charlesj27 said...

So, what are the blog folks going to say about the early goal by SJ? What about all those instructions, repeat moves & practices, and all those criticizing during practices? Incredible - how we still manage to allow the other team to score on us early. Well, good job for Campos, who defeinitely was more talented and hungry. Go ahead, Bruce... keep covering for your elder statesmen. Go ahead, spin it, and act altruistic and aloof. I swear to loving gods - we better get some good, posession-saavy and younger players to change this drool of apparent slowness in our back-line. I know our priority is midfielders; but, we still have to do better in center-back position. Nothing against Omar - but, clearly there are more tricky and faster forwards in this league.

charlesj27 said...

What is it with our players - where'e the anger; where's the guts; where's the fight and all that help from coaches to settle andplay smart? Lord, come on grow some spines and play with conviction.

GalaxyTRUfan said...

Well said Charles. I have been questioning the reasoning for drafting Omar myself,the height he has,the spped he dosen't,and thats one of the things you need in this league,some kind of speed. Berhalter,now he's pathetic,old man tring to get by,so he compensates by pulling jerseys,and uncalled for tackles. Is sanneh hurt?

charlesj27 said...

I know Omar is not the speediest of defenders - but, I'll still take Omar over Abel Xavier. He is young and raw. I've got to force myself to understand adn be patient with college grads/recruits coming into the professional football/soccer system. For the most part, Omar does win his aerial battles, and he has been trying to grow, learn, and adjust. But, a Jimmy Conrad or a Nat Borchers or a Danny Califf - he's not. Gregg Berhalter is still an upgrade to Abel Xavier in my opinion. I'm not going to compare our 2009 team to the 2005 team. Yes, we had it so good; but, this got dumped on Bruce - and, he's gotta make right by shoveling through all the BS and red-tape and ill-will that's left in the heap. Gregg is not fast enough to keep with a lot of the MLS forwards. YEP, I will not contest nor argue that. YES, we have seen him opt for tugging & grabbing onto jerseys to stop players' runs - hence, the numerous cards. I don't know if Bruce has the leeway/flexibility to bring in a good, solid young defender. I know we lost Ty Harden - but, I don't believe he's amde that many starts for Colorado Rapids, right?
I do not believe Tony Sanneh is hurt - I believe Bruce is only going to use the Tony Sanneh substitution, if things go a'mess in a game.
My statements above is my reaction to how we keep seeing/hearing/ being led to believe that all this wonderful practice, instruction, and time is given for players to build, correct, improve, and get more solid - yet, repeatedly we come out nervice, "iffy", slow, shaky in the first 5 - 12 minutes of each half. WHY? To me, it seems like things that should already be corrected if players in this league are pros!!!