Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From Milan - Part II: Martino chats with DB

Check out Part II of former teammate now broadcaster Kyle Martino’s interview with David Beckham in Milan as they discusses his plans for the future and upcoming friendlies against AC Milan (7/19) and FC Barcelona (8/1). Click here for the complete interview.


Anonymous said...

Thanks but NO thanks for the DB interview. Don't care one iota what this selfish little man has to say. Please, let him stay in Europe PERMANENTLY. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Never seen any player prostitute himself so much for the sake of a record. 12 minutes against Khazakistan should cost you a cap not reward you one. Golden Nuts will never match Shilton's status eventhough he gave up a 50 yard goal to John Harkes.

martie 06 said...

David Beckham should never had gone to the U.S.A. Soccer in the America is a lot lower standard than in europe, Beck's should have gone their in a few years time , ,