Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back at Work

After getting Monday off, the guys returned to the field today. The session began at 10 a.m. with a review of Saturday's game tape. After about 30 minutes, they hit University Field #1 at The Home Depot Center to stretch.

Following a light jog around the field, Associate Head Coach Dave Sarachan divided the the players into four groups. The drills focused on dribbling, first touch passing and communication.

After that, players did went through a possession drill for about 20 minutes before pulling the goals out to play a small-sided game.

During the game, the intensity and the willingness to do things right for this week’s game started to show. Players were supporting, yelling, congratulating and criticizing each other.

The players ended today's training session by doing some sprints before leaving to go to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles to deliver toys that were donated through the Summer Santa program during Saturday's match.


Edge said...

whos wearing the #33 ? on the first picture is Birchall back ?

Anonymous said...

please forward that to the coaching staff:

Lewis (and every other red carded player) should be made to stand in goal facing backwards and every other player can have a freekick or pk aimed at him for the whole week.

that punishes the redcarded players, aswell as instantly improving the targeting and deadball skills.

charlesj27 said...

I believe you are looking at some of the LA Galaxy U-20 players. Quite often, the LA Galaxy Academy and Super League teams can coem into to train with the 1st team on certain weekdays. This way they can watch the "pros", learn from them, ask them for pointers, and guage their progress in certain areas compared with the pro-team.
By the way, congrats to the U-20 team for keeping hteir perfect record of wins so far. Good work, young men.
Thanks, guys for providing us with pics along with the very brief training update. At this point, I cannot really guage if this team is improving enough, as much as it needs to, as much as it should to keep up with the likes of Seattle FC, Colorado Rapids, and Real Salt Lake. We got burned by RSL in very obvious patterns adn modes. Things that could have been prevented if the line-up was different, perhaps. In any case - what's done is done - and, all us fans can do is keep coming to / watching games, supporting our team, hoping/wishing/wanting the best - but, more often than not, settling for last-minute PKs, heroics, tapi-ins, what-not to either tie or come a bit closer to winning. What bugs me is taht our team can't even organize, settle, pull-together to get us wins at home, at the HDC. Then again, I'm not the one playing my body out for 90+ minutes againsts challengers, refs, fatigue, pain, and falls/shoves/tackles. So, I'll keep on wearing my gear and my colors, yelling, and clapping, and cheering - hoping that this team, its staff, its trainers, its coaches have a clue and a care for what it means to WIN... to WIN & be proud of having participated in a soccer game amongst fans and peers.

Hideo Kojima said...

Toronto FC has come to an agreement to terminate the contract of midfielder Rohan Ricketts.

Toronto FC also announced the waiving of forward Johann Smith.

These two could bolster our attack, well at least Rohan would. Let's make a move for him.

Anonymous said...

Rohan could play central midfield better than anyone we have. Johann is probably better than Alan Gordon.