Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gunning for Two in a Row

The Galaxy go in search of their second straight win tonight and a sweep of the season series against Real Salt Lake.

Here is the lineup that Bruce Arena will put out on the field tonight as LA looks to move into third place in the Western Conference.





Subs: Guppy, Sanneh, Griffin, Miglioranzi, Klein, Jordan, Kirovski

And here is how RSL look...






Subs: Seitz, Horst, Cox, Joy, Grabavoy, Nunez, Escalada


pc1 said...
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pc1 said...

Well. Another game where we haven't won again. What else is new?

pc1 said...

Oh, and tell somone from MLS to demote us to USL-2, cause that's how we're playing.

But hey, at least we're not last place. *knock on wood*

charlesj27 said...

Got back from the HDC. Thanks again to Angel City Brigade - LOVE your enthusiasm, presence, and cheer! I think the streamers came on a bit too early - because, it seems like LA switched at the last minute. Oh well! It was cool to see. Riot Squad seemed much more quiet than usual - what's up?
I'll write about our team's "gaffs" in the newer post. But, personally - I would NOT have started our formation the way Bruce decided to. I think RSL really took advantage of our weakness in center midfield. We could have easily rode this game out to 0 - 0 all the way thru 65th minute, if we started the formation more like below:
Buddle - Gordon

Lewis - Kovalenko - Tudela - Jordan

Dunnivant - Berhalter - Gonzalez - Delagarza

In my mind, if we would have started that way... we would not have allowed Movsisyan and Espindola to burn us so much in the center and on the right.

But, I'm sure Bruce and Dave are pondering it or going to drown their sorrows in some warm milk tonight!

That's teh one thing that keeps baffling me and irritating me about older MLS coaches... they just do not seem to accept and acknowledge that coaches in this league who were once attacking midfielders and forwards KNOW... I repeat... KNOW how to build a fast, threatening, attack-oriented team. I believe Bruce had hoped his elder, experienced, steady stalwarts would take care of things. May this night be a burning, glaring lesson - speed will always get to manuever around monothic walls. If the wall extends out its hands - then, it'll be a foul in a comprimising spot!!!

Anonymous said...

name one play where espindola beat anybody? he never beat aj or dema

the middle of the field was given away they were alot better than us there hands down.

charlesj27 said...

What I meant by saying that Espindola "burned" past our right side is that he did so with his speed in runs. Espindola was/is more speedier than AJ. Did AJ work his tush off to catch up? YES! But, did Espindola get the opportunity to get close enough to the outside of the 18-yard box to release his passes? YES! Now, did anything result out of those passes? NO! But, that then became the duty of either Gonzales or Berhalter.