Sunday, June 28, 2009

Match Day 15 - vs. Houston Dynamo

We're trying something new today. Using Cover it Live, we're going to provide a live Twitter feed here on the blog. Read what people are saying about the Galaxy on Twitter or participate on the discussion by tagging your tweets #lag or #lagalaxy.

Keep it here throughout the day for update. Lineups will be posted shortly.


pc1 said...

Wish Jordan had made that 2nd goal, but good job shutting down Houston's offense. Hopefully we can do it again next weekend against NE, and maybe get into playoff position. :)

charlesj27 said...

Great optimism. I, too, wish Bryan had made that break-away run into a goal-into-net conversion. Bryan is not a proven goal scorer, yet. But, what he does bring into the team - I appreciate - and, that is unashamed, full-effort runs on offense and defense w/ speed. That is a +!!! But, his touch needs much more work. It'll come - but, he needs to get more playing time within MLS games to keep sharp. PLayoff position, huh? OK - dream a big dream :)

footballlvr said...

Football talk: You don't make goals. You score goals. making a goal is what you Americans call assists. if football in the US wants to become mainstream in the rest of the world start by using correct verbiage. Also, it is offside not offsides.