Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mark Haskins Arrives

The team held their final home training session of the week this morning in a light rain at The Home Depot Center ahead of this weekend's trip to Toronto. The team will fly north tomorrow and then train at BMO Field on Friday afternoon ahead of Saturday's game, which kicks off at 1 p.m. and can be seen live on FS West, starting with Galaxy Live at 12:30 p.m.

Joining the squad in training this morning was 28-year old South African midfielder Mark Haskins who plays in his native country with Moroka Swallows. The speedy midfielder arrived in Los Angeles yesterday and was given a quick tour of the complex before heading off to his hotel to catch some sleep after an outrageously long travel day.
Despite the long journey, Mark, who was capped once by the South African U-23 squad, was in good spirits in training this morning with the team, playing in midfield, both centrally and on the left wing, for a team made up of reserves in a full field game the first team.Following the game, Haskins joined a number of players for some finishing drills before catching a quick conversation with Kyle Patterson and Richard Gough, who was again lending a hand this afternoon, and heading into the locker room.

Haskins will join the rest of the players who do not travel to Toronto for training sessions both tomorrow morning and on Friday before rejoining the rest of the team at training on Monday ahead of Tuesday's game against Herediano.


Anonymous said...

whos # 37 ?????

charlesj27 said...

Guys, thanks for the pics and the training updates. Welcome, Mark to USA, to Cali, and to LA... obviosuly, we wish our state was in better fiscal form for new player arrivals - but, hey... places around the globe are faring far, far worse as you know. I hope you will like being here and the team you play with. Hope your trials go exceptionally well!
Take a look at Gregg - I absolutely love it when a player who knows he's not going to be available in the next game - but, still comes to training and puts in a solid day's work. Youngsters of thie team - watch, learn, and strive to become stronger, sharper, better. This is a sport where if players put in the heard work, the trainings, the drills, the scrimmages, and the games together - the pieces will start to fit... games together will become more accurate, crisper, and play-making becomes more fruitful! I think Toronto FC is going to come out and play very aggressive and try their best to strip the ball away from us. The team has to watch the videos and be very alert, strong, confident - but, ready to help each other out... and, that means playing multiple roles and switching often, as necessary.
Sorry, for the USMNT tonight... but, Bob Bradley got to see first-hand what a quick, threatening, biting team in their home grounds look like, feel like, and sting like! I believe this will serve him and his staff well for Confederation Cup time!
Our team has to make the necessary changes to become more attacking and more threatening... Bruce knows , sees it - but, is evauating constantly on how to make the pieces work. Bruce - dude, you know you can't keep expecting Alan to get you the goals and scoring... Right now, Edson, Eddie, Chris, Landon - these guys are your best bet as the the team currently stands. So, don't waste time and energy... if Chris Birchall and Mark Haskins gives the team that holding and catch-up ability in center and on-flank... then, act to make things happen!
I believe #37, is a MLS-pool goal keeper that has been training with our first team for quite some time, Miguel Benitez (from CSUDH, this year's National Div-II champs!)

Anonymous said...

goalie miguel benetiz. not on the team but signed with the league i think.

Anonymous said...

#37 is MLS Reserve Pool Goakleeper Miguel Benitez I believe.

Anonymous said...

Sign Gough.