Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congratulations Landon

Once the U.S. advanced past the group stages of the Confederations Cup, we knew that Landon would not be available for Sunday's game against Houston.

So we told him that he might as well just help the U.S. win and reach the final of a FIFA tournament for the first-time in the nation's history.

Looks like he and the rest of the Red, White and Blue took our advice.

The Galaxy captain set up the second goal for the U.S. as they upset Spain to reach the final of the Confederations Cup on Sunday.

The whole Galaxy front office was watching the game, as were the players whose training session ended right around the time the game kicked off in Bloemfontein.

So once again, congratulations to Landon et all and why not do it again on Sunday against either Brazil or South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, Donovan! My favorite player! Can't wait to see you back in a Galaxy jersey, but I am on Cloud nine right now! Kick Brazil's butt back home! GO USA!!

charlesj27 said...

I want to say well done and congrats to the ALL of the players that took part in today's game against Spain. Really, they should be proud. Not just Landon - but, all who played. FO staff need to realize that's it's never one, two, or three players in a team during games that make the team a winning team... it's all of them on the field playing and waiting to be playing. US players today came out with the right mentality and the right urgency. And, those two things made all the difference. Still, for me, it was so good to see how accurately and how precisely Spain MNT moved the ball on the field. Truly - it's like geometric artistry. Our defenders played a HUGE, HUDE part in today's game. And, the midfield helped out in both areas. I'm glad that they beleived and accepted that this competition was worth showing the kind of effort we saw.
Good luck to the team this coming Sunday.
And, now onto our home team - where to begin? So far, I am not sure how Sean Franklin is coming along... I guess Yohance Marshall is coming along well... and, I hope - really hope we have Eddie, Dema, Josh Tudela, Kyle, Alan, Edson, and Jovan ready to play... I mean... truly deep-down, gut-checked, home-work done - ready to play. Because, if we give Houston the type of room and make-believe effort I've seen in other games... Houston is going to rip us a new one and stamp us as "ORANGE CRUSHED"!
I don't know what Bruce and the scouts have been doing - maybe, everything's on cruise-control/vacation mode until AC Milan and FC Barcelona exhibition game time? If only our staff took soccer as important and as "personally" serious as Coach Preki does with his men... lord only knows where this team would be by now.

Anonymous said...

Landon has played like MAN in this tournament.