Saturday, June 6, 2009

From the Locker Room

Saturday, June 6, 2009
LA Galaxy 2-1 Toronto FC

Comments on play of goalkeeper…
“Donavon was outstanding, he’s a great goalkeeper, its part of the reason we don’t lose games, it’s largely or partly due to Donovan I think he’s an excellent goal keeper and it showed again today. When he needed big saves he was there he had a fantastic game I also thought Allan (Gordon) and Edson had a fabulous game and Kovalenko played quite well. Overall it was a good win, it’s a hard field to play on, difficult for both teams obviously but to get out of here with 3 points is pretty impressive.”

Talks about all the draws they’ve had this season…
“I think our team refuses to lose, and that’s a positive sign. Certainly we need to win more games…I mean, how many teams in the league have only won one game? Nobody. So it’s one of those glass is half empty and half full some times and the habit of not losing is good now we need to have a habit of winning.”

On his return back to Toronto….
“You know it was great to be back, this kind of environment is incredible to play in front of these fans. A little strange being on the other side of it but we obviously got a good result and did the job we wanted to do so that was good.”

On their season so far…..
“We’ve been playing real well, we kind of crept up on the league a little bit with all these ties it’s kind of a strange record but we’ve only lost one game in 12 I think and have a great unbeaten streak and unbeaten on the road so we’re doing something right and all these points we’re getting now are going to pay dividends down the road so those ties are going to be real big for us.”

Talks about scoring the game winning goal against former team…
“It feels good, I wanted to get a win here I haven’t won in Toronto yet and to get the game winner is even more special. I had a rough time when I was here and to finally get a goal here feels even better.”

Thoughts on the game…
“I thought we showed great character to come back after going 1-nil down, I think it was a game where we had a lot of possession, I’m starting to sound like a broken record aren’t I? A lot of chances again – I just looked out of 18, 11 (shots) on target and we haven’t finished our chances. Then we give two awful goals away, no doubt about it. Set plays, I hate conceding on set plays, everybody does because you’re given a job on a set play and you’re there to do your job that’s what you’re in the team for – you do your job and that’s everybody.”

Asked about putting in other players for next week…
“Jimmy’s come off with an ankle injury we’ll assess how he is. I’ll have a look at it (the game) again, watch the DVD we’re limited with the numbers that I’ve got to be honest with you we’re tight on the bench, we’ve got two goalkeepers on the bench and obviously young Gomez came on to make his debut there. I’ll have a look at what we’ve got, see how players are, Barrett came off with an ankle as well.”

Talks about his injury…
“I went over on my ankle, the last bit there with Chris Klein – the ball went up in the air and I tried to win it again and then I went over on my ankle by the black piece of mat that’s beside the pitch. I tried to run it off I knew it wasn’t right, but as soon as I came off and took my sock off it (ankle) was huge.”

On the way the team played….
“I don’t know, the boys we’ve had chances today, unfortunately we didn’t put them away. They didn’t try to miss so it’s unfortunate. I think there’s big players in the world that probably go through such goal droughts but all you can do is remain positive and do what you can do and hopefully next game those chances go in.”

Comments on the slump they’re in…
“We are obviously disappointed its hard we have to pick ourselves up, and it’s only going to come from us. We’ve had some words in the change room, you know it’s not going to come from Chris the manager, it’s not going to come from the fans, and it’s got to come from us as individuals. We’ve got to do that.”


Anonymous said...

The guys did great! Worked very hard for each other!, A.J. took a beating but was fighting all the way! Ricketts is the man! In my opinion, the best game Galaxy played this season.. Shows just how good our depth is without our superstars! Great job guys! It was great, entertaining FOOTBALL!!

Johnny, Rio Rancho, NM

Anonymous said...

I feel they did a much better job in this Match of playing off one another! Gordon had his game (finally!), but still needs to soften up his touches, and work on proper pace on his passes. Ricketts was and IS the Man...he saved this win for us!! Of course, everything looks better through win-colored glasses. Coach Ken, Claremont CA

charlesj27 said...

Good, solid job from the team with sticking with the purpose of competition and play. Again, this was a game where we, as viewers and as fans, saw players working WITH and working FOR each other. To me, that is worth its value & weight within sports. I'm glad that Bruce, Dave, and Cobi are able to get these sorts of plays, attitudes, and work-rates from the players. I still think there is still much more work that needs to be done in playing more accurate, connective soccer where the ball is kept on the floor/pitch - and, where players are alternating positions and roles in order to continuously build sequences in attack. Finishing still needs more work - but, I can see little improvements here and there. It feels like a BIG relief inside of me that this team was finally able to pull off a WIN (3 points)! I hope the coaches continue to press and insist only the best form these players - all of them have to work continuously on one-touch & two-touch to improve their individual contribution, as well, as success on the run-of-play. Eddie, Sir Don, Edson, Alan, Dema, AJ, Omar, Tony, Todd - dudes, thanks for working hard. We have two games coming next week - a bonus exhibition game and an MLS game against a fast, zig-zagging, offensive-minded team (RSL). Here's to hoping and wishing for another 3 points. Good luck & continue the practices and hard-work!

Anonymous said...

Congrates on a hard fought win,and nice to see gordo show up and finish something. The defense played a steady game, Todd & AJ handled the outside pressure,seems AJ is getting better as he plays more & more which is why we drafted him,fast closing speed,the offense will come as he progresses. Omar & Tony played steady, but still concerned about Omars speed,or the lack of speed !!! Midfield was quiet,nothing else to say. GK was superb as all games...