Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking Back at Sunday

With the team having the day off today, we thought that we would look back at the season opening draw with D.C. United

Watch video highlights of the match here. (Including this goal.)

Here is the goalscorer Landon Donovan, who left for international duty on Monday morning, speaking to the media in his postmatch press conference.

And Bruce discussing the game with the media in his press conference.

A number of guys also fielded questions postgame in the locker room, including...

Chris Klein

Dema Kovalenko

Omar Gonzalez

and Kyle Patterson

Lastly, check out these images of our Galaxy Futboleros in action at the Sunday's game.


Anonymous said...

Nice report guys. Really well done and MUCHOS KUDOS to the photographer(s) of the posted pictures. That's some of the best camera work I've yet seen on these sites. You should acknowledge him(s).

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts gone into the really well done commemrative program handed out at the game. Really nice job.

But one nagging issue remains, the not-so-bright people at season ticket gates still can't recognize the printed out tickets as season tickets and delay people getting in until the supervisor shows up. You would hope after 2 years they get schooled on this or at least they should incl the words "season ticket" on the print out to take the challenge out of it. (directed to the s/w gaters specially).

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for providing us with audio feedback from the players and post-game summary from Bruce. The pics are nice also - although I kind of wish they actaully expaned out to full size. I know the pic of the fans & supporters in Riot Squad Section expands out. The Angel City Brigade did a very good job in making our presence felt on opening day. Let's hope the playing, the defending, passing, scoring all improves as each game goes on. Once again - thanks Landon - very glad you're back with the LA Galaxy. Continuing to hope for every injured players' recoveries. Practice - Practice - Practice!!!

Anonymous said...

quality updates in the last few days, keep it up it's good work.


charlesj27 said...

I just read on GOAL news that Santos Laguna sacked Daniel Guzman. I was in shock - I nearly spilled the coffee I was holding. LA Galaxy organization - please - if at all possible get soem folks to talk to Daniel Guzman to see if he's interested in Soccer Directorship/Field Training for our U-20s, U-18s, and U-16s. Try! Daniel has such awareness & presence of mind of the field of play during games - he knows what a fielded 11 needs to be doing to enhance and be more creative and attacking. It would be a huge waste to see a man of his talents disappear into obscurity. He works great with young players. I'm just saying... Anyway - I had to tell someone; I'm surprised they sacked him. What?!!!

BrandBeckham=BrandTraitor said...

Great updates but I'm so let down by the Galaxy fans......seriously how do you not sell out an opening day game?!!!! Who cares if we don't have D-Becks!!! We should still be representing!! I think the guys upstairs making marketing decisions need to get more involved in the community to get these seats filled.....and if they can't accomplish that, then reset the camera angles for the games so that you're facing the more fanfilled sections. Maybe the appearance of a filled stadium will generate buzz. Or better yet....take a tip from the Seattle Sounders and hire a band. I totally loved watching Drew Carey lead his fans into the stadium with the band!! Why oh why did we not think of this first....seems like we're always a step behind when it comes to ideas that don't include BrandBeckham :(

Anyways, great job lads on coming back in the game, though we got lucky with the mystery penalty call and the possible Landon offsides no call. The attack was strong and I'll take a win or a draw anyday. Keep up the great work on the blog......great pics!!!

Anonymous said...

who cares about these guys, this aint news, where's the videos??