Friday, March 20, 2009

Injury Report

The latest injury report is now available on the website.

Miguel Benitez, a league pool goalkeeper who trains with the club, has been called up due to "extreme hardship".

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George said...

Hey, you scared me! As long as Saunders stays healthy we're OK, but we really should have a 3rd keeper. I can't believe we have so many injuries, despite not even playing a game.

charlesj27 said...

Did Donovan Rickett's injury get worse from two days ago? What happened? What do you mean by "extreme hardship"? Come on - tell us - don't be so vague! Miguel is pretty sharp - definitely not as tall nor as imposing as Donovan Ricketts is - but definitely a lot quicker! May be he'll debut nicely, if it comes to that. How are our back-line players? No injuries there - right? right? I know about Todd Dunnivant... but, other than that we still okay, right?
I just hope our team is very ready, worked up, tough, mentally prepped, and ready to play thoroughly all the way thru! Dominate, LA Galaxy players... Dominate!!!

charlesj27 said...

What about the three trialists with the team: Dan Gargan, Jamie Franks, and Joe Germainese? Where are they? Have they left training camp already? Any updates?

Juan said...

Maybe Wicketts or Alamo shouldn't have been let go. Hoepfully it doesn't come back to haunt the team.

Anonymous said...

I thought that CSUN's Kevin Guppy was being looked at as a 3rd keeper. Nothing happened there, then?

Anonymous said...

Benitez should be good to go if needed. He looks very impressive, at 23 he might not be ready yet, but indeed a great prospect for galaxy's a NCAA Champ should be better than CSUN's keeper.

Go Galaxy!

Anonymous said...

Some cap space could open with sending off/ trade Rickets and leaving Saunders to start.
$$$ for some help on that weak left fullback position.

Just a thought.