Monday, March 16, 2009

Injury Updates

The 2009 MLS season is officially upon us as we have had to submit our first official injury report of the year this afternoon.

And as it appears that we don't have a lot of basketball fans in our midst, on to the report (exactly as we submitted it to the league).

Galaxy Injury Report

OUT –Todd Dunivant (Right Ankle – Post Surgery), Leonard Griffin (Left Abdominal – Strain)
QUESTIONABLE – Edson Buddle (Right Quad – Strain), Donovan Ricketts (Right – Groin Strain)
PROBABLE – Alan Gordon (Right Hamstring – Strain), Eddie Lewis (Left Hamstring – Strain), Stefani Miglioranzi (Right Knee – Bone Bruise)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that! Does that mean Ricketts was faking his injury because he muffed the goal kick?

Mark Villa said...

Hey, you guys really are getting so much better. Thank you. Don't sweat the haters for Sundays posting. It was a Sunday, injury information was at a minimum, the team had the day off, not much to post, but you posted anyway. Good job trying to tie the team into the rest of the sports world.

Mark Sec. 132

Anonymous said...

Saunders against Wicks, we got this Galaxy come on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is not good news which means another slow start. Along with the Arena comments to Nick Green on being handcuffed in improving the team substantially. I see this as another bungled year on the field.

Back to basketball, make me feel better.

charlesj27 said...

Guys, please - at least give our Galaxy about 4 - 5 MLS games before you start getting depressed and agitated. Yes, there are quite a bit of injuries - but, most of these guys have been in pre-season together for quite a while. So, the comfortability and understanding is somewhat there. I'm more worried about our guys being able to connect up good, solid passes under stress and being able to keep the ball when needed. I'm noticing that the ball keeps getting stripped and directed back to the middle as we try to form something in the final third. This is where Klein's, Lewis', Donovans's, Kirovskis's, and Buddle's communication, influence, and leadership within and amongst themselves are so important.