Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Galaxy Drops 5-2 Decision to Colorado

The LA Galaxy lost 5-2 to the Colorado Rapids today in a preseason scrimmage played at The Home Depot Center. Omar González and Tristan Bowen provided the scoring for the home team. Edson Buddle, Todd Dunivant, Bryan Jordan and Eddie Lewis were not available as they continue to rehab their injuries.

Galaxy found themselves in a 3-0 hole in the first half before fighting back, figuratively and literally. Mike Magee provided the team with a spark by challenging Colorado defender Cory Gibbs after a hard foul on teammate Jovan Kirovski near the top of the box.

The ensuing free kick, which Magee took, led to a rebound goal by González, who expertly beat goalkeeper Preston Burpo in the one-on-one encounter. All Connor Casey could do was watch.

In the second half, the Galaxy stepped up and played much better.

A nice run at the defense by Magee led to a good scoring opportunity, but Burpo came up big for the Rapids as he made the stop.

Late in the game, Tristan Bowen cut the Rapids' lead to 3-2 with his first goal of the preseason. But Colorado wasted no time in retaking control as they answered back with a goal of their own a minute later before adding a fifth one with about four minutes left in the game.

Tristan, pictured below, was one of a number of young players who had good showings on the day. The others were A.J. DeLaGarza, González, Yohance Marshall, who almost scored a goal on a header, Josh Tudela, who came in for Stefani Migioranzi in the first half, and Kyle Patterson.

The Galaxy won't have to wait long to play Colorado again. The two clubs will face each other three times in the month of April, including twice in a span of four days. The Galaxy will host the Rapids at The Home Depot Center on April 4 and on April 7, the latter in the U.S. Open Cup play-in game, and travel to Colorado on April 25.


George said...

This does not look good. Despite the fact that it is preseason, to lose so badly to our fellow MLS teams, at HOME nonetheless, is serious cause for concern.

charlesj27 said...

Well, this socre-line tells me that our team still needs to be bolder, tougher, stronger from teh very start! Too often, our players think that they can ease into teh game... or, that the competition won't break out and get a rhythm becuase the opposition is playing on an AWAY field. WRONG!!! If teams are deep enough, talented enough, professional enough - they will attack and break out from starting whistle! Our players need to get that through their heads and bodies. LA Galaxy cannot be a strong, competitive, defensive, attacking team if it cannot start games without thrust, hunger, conviction, and raw power! Too often, we wait until the second-half to correct things. These lazy, careless, "unprofessional" mentality must change!
In the players' hearts and minds, they cannot be okay and comfortable with losing nor being behind! It's gotta burn... it's gotta be personal!

Anonymous said...

I'm optimistic.........for 2018.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the infos & pics, but why can't you publish the line ups ?

Anonymous said...

Wow, who knew the Galaxy were worse then a JV high school team. I'm sooooo not looking forward to this year. It's bad enough we are losing our star power, but you'd hope we'd improve now that the star's circus lights are gone.

Anonymous said...

Box scores for these scrimmages would be a nice addition.
Also, an injury report couldn't hurt either.
I don't think many fans even knew Edson was injured...

Anonymous said...

why can't you give us the fricken line ups?


Also, please try to make it past the first paragraph before offering up lame excuses as to missing players. I'm sure missing forwards Jordan and Buddle and midfielder Lewis really had anything to do at all with why we conceded 5 goals.

Could it be because Arena has done nothing really to bolster the worst defense in the league last season.

Our four central defenders on the roster are as follows:

Sanneh -Ancient, awful in last MLS stint and that was 2 years ago

Omar -Promising but a rookie nontheless

Marshall - Total rookie

Valentine -basically a rookie but you'd think if he was any good he'd have played more last season when we were worst in the league

Franklin is available but then we'd have to play Klein in the back again which we know from the last two years is not an option.

So pathetic what we've done in this offseason.

christine said...

Until the defensive line gets their act together - It doesn't matter who the goalkeeper is! You could have the best goalkeeper in the league go down to defeat because of the mid and back line defense! Gat it together guys!