Monday, March 30, 2009

Sueño Day 2: Meet The Local Winners

From left to right: Hector Ramos, Mikon "Mikey" Orellana, Cesar Silva, Javier Rodriguez.

We just got back from the San Bernardino Soccer Complex where the Sueño MLS 2009 - Built by The Home Depot LA Galaxy tryouts just came to an end. We saw a lot of good talent during the weekend, but these four stood out the best: Mikon Orellana, Hector Ramos, Javier Rodriguez and Cesar Silva.

Congratulations to everybody that came out and participated. And to those who were not selected, always remember what Dema Kovalenko told you on Saturday, "(If) you want to do something, put your heart into it and do it. If it happens, it happens. If not, life goes on."

To learn more about the winners, read writer Simon Jude Samano's recap.

Also, with thanks to, see for yourself what happened when the winners were announced.


Anonymous said...

So will these kids be playing with the youth academy or what..have read the information and it is not clear whether these players are vying for a first team spot or what.

charlesj27 said...

Congrats - Congrats to the final four(4)! I am sure these guys must have played their hearts out to make it this far. I wish these four(4) guys much, much luck heading into the finals on April 11th/12th. If you four(4) guys can - get together each day until that time, play together, communicate, work on passing, crossing, coordinating, offense & defense!!! Again, if you guys come prepared - most of all mentally - not just physically, you will be so glad that you all show up strong. Believe in yourselves and each other - remember, prepare... prepare... prepare!

Anonymous said...

WOW great coverage this weekend!! Hope these kids make our youth system!

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the overall winner gets a try out with THE team. With multiple hosts this time, I don't know which team gets the winner. Maybe LA gets the winner if he's from the LA tryout and so forth. Either way, it's a long shot at best. Maybe a spot on the academy team would be more appropriate. Correct me if I am wrong here.

I also want to know if non-Latin players try out for these events or not?

Anonymous said...

I dont think it was just for Latin players. I think there was a guy from morocco who was selected as a winner in D.C. I could be mistaken of course.

And its my understanding that the winners get a spot with the youth teams, not the pro team. Thats whats happened the last two years at least.