Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ready for The 2009 Season

We're 40 minutes away from kickoff here at The Home Depot Center. The lineups are in.

Here's who the Galaxy will go for the season opener.





Subs: Ricketts, Valentin, Marshall, Miglioranzi, Patterson, Jordan and Gordon.

D.C. United





Subs: Kocic, Burch, Jacobson, Peters, Khumalo, Doe, Moreno.


Chad said...

Bruce and co.

I'm sorry to say that based on this performance, all your hard work is for nothing. We still stink. Big time.

Leonor said...

Oh God! We are back to the woeful defending that plague us in 2008. Pontius walk on the red carpet rolled out for him and scored.

pasafan said...

only able to follow the game on game-tracker today, but the stats showed a pathetically weak attack, with no shots on goal until virtually the last 5-10 minutes. so where's buddle???