Monday, March 2, 2009

Boateng Released From Camp; Galaxy Remain Roster Compliant

Rookie midfielder Josh Boateng was released from preseason camp today, bringing the club's preseason roster to 26.

Despite that number being two more than the 24 that are permitted on an MLS roster, not all of those players are currently under contract and as a result, the team is both roster and salary compliant and will not have any more cuts today.

Boateng, a third round pick out of Liberty, had been in camp since it opened in January and played in a couple of friendlies but did not make the 18-man roster in either game at the Pan-Pacific Championship.


charlesj27 said...

Well, I must say that I'm sad to see Josh Boateng go... He had very good pace and as another astute commentor had put it... Josh was not afraid to go at opposing defenders with his speed and handling. This worries me - because, we need forwards who can confidently keep the ball near their feet and go at opposing defenders. I know Josh was not the biggest of players - but, he did have the right attitude. I just LA Galaxy is going to get individuals that can certainly fill and cover that void and those qualities. It would be very detrimental and careless to let go of individuals who are right now, currently, putting out noticeable, solid, reliable quality on the pitch. I hope that Bruce and Dave already have other options lined up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update guys, it's appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Let's get the real story we all want to know!!! What's the word on Becks and Landon?

Anonymous said...

You guys best comment on the current Bekham drama as reported by the LA Times and you better comment soon.

Either sell David or don't. If you agree to a situation where he only comes back to us in July then you are one season ticket lighter as I will not support an organization that refuses to place priority on doing what in the best interest of the team.

Justin Prate said...

Well I am not happy to see Josh go, I would have rather the team sent the other Josh, Mr. Tudela packing. Like stated above Josh was an attacker someone we could use coming off the bench we need that. I am afraid we are building a good team but one that does not have attacking players (besides Landon).

Ryan said...

Who do you think are the likely 24 which 2 do you think will be left out ...

Anonymous said...

i'm deeply hurt to see Josh leave the club. a fast attacking player who would have offered the Galaxy the pace they need upfront to get goals. i was also sad to see one trialist, Munya Madeyi left out after clearly proving he can be a force within this league. what criterion are the Galaxy using? surely they need to do better or will find themselves exactly where they finished last season.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Galaxy fan not a beckham fan but i would like more info on this deserter. And to the loser that doesn't support the team because Beckham won't be here you won't be missed your a bandwagoner

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The Galaxy needs speed desperately. Why was Boating released? Why hasn't the club signed Kyle Patterson, another player with speed. Good grief, Landon Donovan is going to burn himself into the ground by mid-season w/o some offensive players with speed supporting him.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan

G's: 26 Players = 18 Senior + 3 Developmental (4 Internationals) + 2 Drafties + 3 Trialists = 2 players above limit

Current Roster (unsigned*)
1 Donovan Ricketts
2 Todd Dunivant
3 Leonard Griffin
4 Omar Gonzalez
6 Eddie Lewis
7 Chris Klein
8 Dema Kovalenko
9 Jovan Kirovski
10 Landon Donovan
11 Israel Sesay
12 Josh Saunders*
14 Edson Buddle
15 Stefani Miglioranzi
16 AJ DeLaGarza*
17 Tristan Bowen
18 Mike Magee
19 Josh Tudela
21 Alan Gordon
22 Tony Sanneh*
23 David Beckham
24 Julian Valentin
27 Bryan Jordan
28 Sean Franklin
30 Kyle Patterson*
31 Josh Wicks
38 Yohance Marshall*


One pissed off Galaxy fan!! said...

Sorry , I just need to vent here. What the heck is the Galaxy Exec's thinking with this current Beckham deal of splitting time at both clubs!!! Are you serious, is this the best you could negotiate!!! Great here's to another circus season with a another limp legged Becks returning to us at midseason to steal the thunder from the lads who are actually dedicated to the team!! Here's to watching him play half assed because all he wants to do is remain fit for England. Way to go Galaxy exec's!!! Maybe it's time to put your jobs on the cut list because it obvious you haven't performed on your version of the pitch, aka, the boardroom. Even though we have a talented group of lads....I have no desire to watch this season because I refuse to support your lack of decication to the team and its fans!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of roster compliance, what possible good can come out of Beckham showing up in July? Why doesn't ownership put the team's footballing interests above all else?
I know it's a business, but isn't it about winning on the field?

Sell him outright or bring him back.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

No, anonymous, it's not about success on the field. It's about making money, pure and simple Success on the field matters only in the context of making money.

If the Galaxy is two players above the limit, I would expect two of the following to go: Kirovski/Gordon out of the front line, Griffin/Miglioranzi from the midfield or Saunders/Wicks from the goal.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Galaxy such push-overs? Either he comes back in March, or he's bought outright. Build a team that WANTS to be here. Stop trading away every draft pick for the next three years, waiving the players we have and getting nothing in return, hire a coach that knows how to groom players. Someone that understands how crucial it is to develop young talent. Was I the only one in the stands that was embarrassed at how slow our boys were on the pitch in comparison to Suwon? Why can't the powers that be concentrate on the here and now, this team, this season, and how it lays the groundwork for the next two or three? Everyone wants to know about Beckham. Well here it is, he was shunned at Milan in 2006 and came to the Galaxy instead. Now Milan wants to sell more shirts, garner some press for themselves since they can't do it on the pitch, and Beckham is the key to both. How much is Addidas paying both teams for this fiasco?Beckham is just a media circus for the sake of Milan/AEG/Galaxy notoriety and worldwide press.

Mark sec. 132