Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Post-Training Notes

A bit of good news to share. With the club's last preseason game taking place this weekend, Bryan Jordan returned to training Monday after missing the last two weeks with a foot injury and is expected to be available for the game in Tempe against the Chicago Fire.

Edson Buddle (quad), Todd Dunivant (ankle), and Eddie Lewis (hamstring), however, did not practice on Monday and are unlikely to join the club in Arizona for Saturday night's game. Lewis was injured during the Pan-Pacific Championship, while Buddle suffered his injury in training early last week. However, both are expected to be ready for the season opener against D.C. United on March 22. Dunivant, on the other hand, is not likely to feature in that game as he continues his rehabilitation work from an ankle injury that he suffered in 2008 as a member of Toronto FC.

Following today's session, the guys met with the press and talked about Beckham. As Bruce said, "we're pleased with the resolution to that issue and now we can move forward...and go about the business of trying to make our team better." The AC Milan friendly at The Home Depot Center on July 19 was also a popular topic of discussion. But for Klein, "D.C. United in the third week of March is much more important than AC Milan in July."

First Kick is only 12 days away. Who else is excited?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the injury updates and some other voices beside Bruce and Lewis.

Any chance for a chat or so in the future with somebody from the organisation (payne) or some players ?

Michael said...

I'm excited, but I'd be a lot more excited if I believed that Leiweike and Co cared as much as about on-pitch success as they do about wringing every last nickel out of the Beckham debacle. It's hard to stay behind a team when its leadership is so disingenuous. I appreciate the ten percent rebate; I would appreciate it even more if Leiweike would be straightforward with the fan base. His repeated attempts to spin the Beckham situation leave me feeling that he thinks his customers are idiots.

At any rate, the roster looks deeper this year, and there's a chance that we can win some games early before Mr. Beckham returns to disrupt team chemistry, a la 2006.

Anonymous said...

Another AEG fantasy? Bring in Mourhino, Terry and Drogba after the league ups the DP slots after the extremely successful experience of David Beckham? Why the clip from a couple years ago?

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the video. Eventhough, there are parts of it that are dated - we still appreciate video when we see it. Thanks for the injury updates, as well. I really hope the team is getting stronger, better, more fit. I hope that they are practicing on all of the key areas that need to strengthen. I can't wait for this season to begin... at the same time, I am still very concerned about how strong & prepared our team is shaping up to be. I hope the young players put in a strong performance and showing at the Phoenix Classico. I know the site said there will be LIVE audio feed... but, is something being done to ensure LIVE video feed, as well. That would be really cool.

Max said...

Great to know Klien and the lads are focused on the opener....I think the Beckham Question should be put to rest. He's a traitor who we'll have to put up with midseason......hopefully we'll be in a good position and former captain limp leg won't effect the team in a negative way at that time.

Anonymous said...

People...Bruce mentions how great teams have come to LA in the past, then presto, video of Barcelona and Chelsea!! Besides, who doesn't like seeing highlights of the best players in the world. Get a clue angry bloggers!