Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bruce Talks David, Roster Cuts and More

LA Galaxy General Manager and Head Coach Bruce Arena talked to the media today after practice. He fielded questions regarding David Beckham, roster cuts and the team's outlook heading into the season opener.

Here's what he had to say.

Also, the Galaxy did not make a selection in today's waiver draft. The club maintains the No. 2 spot in the selection order for the next MLS Waiver Draft.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the audio interview of Head Coach Bruce regarding some of the burning questions in the minds of fans. I know you guys / reporters tried to extract more info from Bruce - but, if there's one sure thing with Bruce... he will not divulge any comments or specifics on issues were the events were not totally managed and controlled. Basically, he's going to skirt around, deflect, and rebound questions that he did not have direct control over.
Oh well, I expected as much - and, I'm used to it.
Right now and for the rest of the season for Bruce and Dave is to put together the strongest, most experienced, commanding, leader-ship type team he can field. Right now, I would be weary to under-estimate Seattle FC, Columbus Crew, Chivas USA, and New York Red Bulls. Three out of these four teams have changed the make-up of the team dramatically. Again, until the competitive games have been played as the season stars - everything said right now are just suspicions.
Also, if there are roster changes or updates - especially after today's waiver draft - please let us know.

Anonymous said...

I am the one that has been railing about getting some comments from Bruce on these pressing issues.

Kudos to the blog team for responding to the fans requests. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Bruce's comments don't make me any more optimistic about the upcoming season. If a coach can't summon enough enthusiasm about a team he is putting together in the preseason how in the hell are the players and fans going to feel? Fire Bruce now, what a bore!

Galaxy Til I Die said...

Excellent job by the blog team.

Anonymous said...

Would appreciate seeing a good, sizeable (meaning more than 1 minute worth) of training / practice / scrimmage video of our LA Galaxy team from this week. Right now - there is no way for us fans to tell if the communication, coordination, and fitness of the players are improving? Please let us see some more videos of the team at practice and scrimmaging.

Anonymous said...

Did AJ DelaGarza change his number from 16 to 20 and sign a Senior Contract ?

Did Saunders change from 12to 22?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree with the comment above. Bruce is such a bore when it comes to motivating the fans during his press conferences. I get absolutely no motivation from listening to the man speak about the team. I wish we had a coach who could stir up the emmotions and give the team and the fans something to cheer about. How he's won anything is beyond me. I'm just hoping that perhaps on the training pitch he's got some sort of spark and if so.....can someone tell him its time to start showing that to the fans or did he forget that we're the 12th man on the pitch. What's the point of having a better team on the field if you don't know how to rally the fans to support them.

Anonymous said...

I heard about Beckham wanting to stay in Italy. so much for "being in it for the long haul". To his credit, he scored more in the first few games with AC Milan than the entire season with LA, but why bother to bring him back. Bringing him in 1/2 way through the season could cause more problems then solve and he probably won't have his heart in it anyway, not wanting to get hurt before returning to Italy.