Monday, October 13, 2008

Was There Ever Any Doubt

In the shock of the century, Brandon McDonald's game-winning goal from Sunday night's game against the Rapids has been nominated for the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week award. It was B-Mac's first-ever goal for the Galaxy and we can think of no better way of awarding him for that than with the Goal of the Week award.

Go here to vote for McDonald and make sure that the award comes back to Los Angeles!


Anonymous said...

Brandon's power-hauser missile shot was spectacular. He deserves GOTW if he gets it. I applaud this team for really fighting and making it so difficult for Colorado. Bryan Jordan, Joey Franchino, Sean Franklin, Troy Roberts, Eddie Lewis, and Edson Buddle worked their darned hardest to get the three points against Colorado. Only, this coming Saturday comes the hardest battle (I think) that this team will face. Houston is by no means a struggling, unconsistent team. If anything, they are a relentless, battling, strong force on the field. And, they are not easily disrupted. Their players know their formations and duties so very well. Bruce, Dav, and Cobi have to push, insist correctness and fight from all of our players. They have to ready to battle very hard. And, this team is going over there. Our players really need to completely show it and deliver.

lgald said...

actually there was doubt. But Kudos to Bruce for putting in a competent goal keeper, Edson had a very good game, Brandon on first goal. Also 2 thumbs up to Landon who had a great game with the nat'l team and flew all night to provide much needed leadership. Very good win,'s the real test..can you duplicate the win Sat while away? I believe we can, good luck fellas

Anonymous said...

Well done galaxy. True fans will stick with the team through tough times. I know I'll be a fan the rest of my life. Sometimes seasons wont be like we expected but thats part of the game. Good luck in making the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Is Beckham playing this weekend against the Houston Dynamo?

Anonymous said...

David Beckham will NOT be playing this coming Saturday vs. Houston. He has to serve out his one-game suspension for accumulated yellow cards. MLS rules stipulated that he was not eligible to serve out his suspension during this past Colorado game; he actually has to be present in the US, and available to play a game for it to be counted as serving out his suspension.

Anonymous said...

MLS rules are stupid sometimes, salary caps, league still playing during WC qulif. drop the NFL status rules guys!!!!

i think the WPS is better structured!