Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Game Time

We're ready to go for the final time this season, but before we get to the lineup, which has a number of changes from last weekend, there is a bit of news to announce.

First, after an impressive 10-year MLS career, Greg Vanney has elected to retire from professional soccer following today's game. He is not in the starting lineup today, but will be honored in a short pregame ceremony.

Additionally, before the game the Galaxy will give out their team awards before the game, with Landon Donovan taking the team MVP award, the U.S. Soccer Foundation Humanitarian of the Year award and the club's Golden Boot award, while Sean Franklin has been named the Defender of the Year.

We'll have more on this, as well as the unveiling of the Wall of Legends later, but for now, here's today's lineup.






Subs: Cronin, Vanney, Roberts, Jazic, Tudela, McDonald, Jordan.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Landon got his twentieth goal and the golden boot award. I was very disappointed in the interview at the end of the game when asked how he felt he got 20 this year when his previous high was 12. He was all about himself, how he's worked hard to get to this point. He should have also acknowledged his teammates who fed him the ball and created his chances for most of those goals. Not too classy Landon.

Anonymous said...

Also glad for Landon to get his 20th of a season (and, man what a wrecking ball of season it has been). Attended the game at HDC; but, did not stick around for any ceremonies or speeches. Forwards should know better (especially is this league where plays are very physical & challenging) to acknowledge all of the help, passes, crosses, and fouls suffered in order for them to tally on goals scored. He has worked hard; I'm not going to deny that; but, Edson, David, Eddie, Sean, Greg, Chris - all of these guys (team-mates) helped. Thanks to the common-senses; finally, Greg has managed to come to grip with the fact that everybody who's watched our games see. It was long over-due. But, give him kudos for trying to make a go of it for a whole year almost.
It was a game of good battle and will. But, what happened to Julian? How did he get injured? I couldn't see from where I was at. So many HDC vendors selling up & down the stairs, people always climbing up & down the stairs. It's so darned annoying! However, I still love going to games live!!! The ref (once again) was not only whistle happy but, extremely card happy, as well. I'm telling you many of these refs have such an authoritarian complex. MLS should really start to fine refs, and not just players & coaches! Julian did a fantastic job along with Sean manning the center! Way to go, guys - Superb! The goal against us by Sikora, was experience and timing. Sikora cut through the central defenders after both of them had already committed to their plays. Only more games together, intense practices & scrimmages will bring about smartness, experience, and true soccer quality. Well, it is now officially time to start shedding mediocre, lethargic, average/below-average players!!! Bruce & Dave must put on th cold, hard stone faces and hand out verdicts and pink-slips!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't see he interview but I am not surprised. his ego far outweighs his skill.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

What is wrong with somebody taking pride in a legitimate achievement? Yes, Beckham et al (really, just Beckham, basically) sent Donovan the balls but it was Donovan who converted!

And what is wrong with some of you people? Donovan is the most consistently solid aspect of what has been a consistently horrid team, and you rag on him for taking justifiable pride in excelling during this abortion of a season?

I'd rather have an "arrogant" Donovan who has skill, touch and pace than an Alan Gordon who has none of the above.

Anonymous said...

so Joseph have you ever been a part of a "Team"? It's not just Landon out there, there's 10 other guys who helped him become the scorer that he is. Did he collect the ball in his own goal, dribble it through 10 people trying to get the ball from him and score all 20 goals himself? Think about it. Yes Landon is a finisher, but as they say..."there is no I in team."