Tuesday, October 21, 2008

History in the Making?

Despite the fact that the Galaxy have missed the MLS Playoffs this season and won't have a chance to win the MLS Cup here at The Home Depot Center, there has been some bright spots on the campaign.

Perhaps the brightest of those has been the play of first-year defender Sean Franklin. The 23-year old leads all rookies this season in games played, games started and minutes played and is among the Galaxy's leaders in all of those categories. A star defender who played most of the season in central defense after spending most of his college and National Team career, as well as this preseason, at right back.

As a result, Sean Franklin gets our vote for MLS Rookie of the Year and could become the first MLS Rookie of the Year in Galaxy history.

Watch this video and let us know if you agree...


Gman said...

Seriously, the most financially well-off member of the Galaxy is in the midst of a loan deal to a top flight Italian team, and all we can talk about is retrospectives?

Rather than being a vehicle for regurgitation of information we already know, how about using this blog for a sounding board for robust discussion of pertinent current events as they pertain to the Galaxy, the team we love.

I can't believe that the Galaxy management are about to do an about-face and get rid of Beckham. I truly believe he is only gone for the remainder of the Euro season. If he continues to play with England, then all bets are off. Unfortunately, both he and Fabio Capello are non-committal. Even more unfortunate is the fact that MLS continues to embarrass itself by failing to recognize international dates.

luvbecks said...

I agree this blog really is a "nothng". As for Becks with this really stupid MLS schedule he has to play in Europe, I really hope he comes back next year but I agree the MLS has to recognize international breaks the same as the rest of the world. The season needs to be aligned and salary caps, the draft and all the other nonsense hs to go if this is to become a recognized league in the rest of the year. Beckham coming here has just highlighted the shortcomimgs.